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    Help Needed About Capturing From Different Sources!

    Thanks Jim_Hardin... I know the whole process transforming video files to dvd, creating menus and stuff... My concern was only to know if Roxio Game Capt HD Pro would work to capture my videos (vhs, hdtv, or whatever) to the computer... from this point, I can do the rest easily!
  2. sams80s

    Help Needed About Capturing From Different Sources!

    Thanks for the response, myguggi... Well, I want one product to do everything... Like I said, I have a bunch of shows recorded on my cable decoder hard drive and they are 1080... Also, i have my tapes... I wanted to use the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro to capture the HD shows (1080) and the tapes... So I can use the captured video files to make dvds or blu-rays! I just want to know if it will work!
  3. Well, I've been looking for this information all around and didn't find anything! That's why I'm openning a new topic... Well, I'm really interested on buying this new Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, though my goal isn't capture games. Actually I have so many vhs tapes that I've been recording since forever and I want to transform them on dvd, it would be nice if I could do that with this product. Also, I have this cable tv, like Tivo system, I can record shows and stuff but they keep locked inside the decoder, it means, I can't transfer them to my computer and make blu-ray discs. So, that's my biggest concern, I know the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro was developed for gamers, though it could be really usefull to my situation! I want an opinion... Did someone already try capture from the cable decoder, from a vcr, or even a dvd? If someone already did such thing and worked fine, definetly I'll be buying this product asap! I know there is a different product to convert VHS to DVD, but I wish I could have just one product that will make everything I need, capturing 720 or 1080! Oh, also, I want to know if it works fine on Macs! Thanks, everyone!