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    No Signal On Xbox 360

    I am also having this issue. First of all it was intermittent and now pretty much all the time. I wonder if its the HDMI cable or my xbox HDMI port (Old white xbox 360) I have had so many problems with this game capture HD its ridiculous
  2. Not sure if anyone else has this issue as google seems to have nothing but whenever I try to export a movie from video wave the software keeps getting stuck on 99%. I am editing and exporting from fraps avi files. Each roughly 30 mins long. It worked once and only once so far, and that was literaly 5 mins after I updated to the newest grahpics driver I have the ATI radeon HD 5770. I also have the q6600 quad core and 4 GB ram Does anyone else use this to edit fraps recordings and if so what settings do you export for vids you intend to put on youtube. Thanks for any help in advance
  3. Hi, thanks for the quick reply I tried what you suggested and I am afraid it still does the same thing, in fact this time it got stuck on 100%. And then the second attempt went back to stuck at 99% lol. Maybe its the settings I'm using to export. I want to edit my 1920 x 1080p AVI files and then export them as avi or mp4 files that I can upload to you tube. If anyone has any info on the best settings for Video file quality to use or whether its a good idea to use hardware or software rendering, it would be much appreciated. Thanks again