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  1. TheLaffey17

    Internal Track Not Following Video

    Disregard. I did the smartest thing since purchasing the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro - I sold the piece of crap. Think I'll purchase the newer Elgato - it actually captures LIVE commentary while capturing gameplay. Way to drop the ball, Roxio!
  2. Roxio, in general, has a lot of stuff they need to deal with, when it comes to this capture card. It is my first capture card, and with this experience with the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, it'll probably be my last. Wish I would have done some research into these before I purchased one. Glad I went in "half" with my friend. It's definitely worth half its total cost...
  3. Okay, guys, bear with me here while I try to explain this. And, also, I read the topic below mine and it does not follow the type of problem I have. So, please don't try to answer this question by giving me the link for that topic. Here goes nothing... Okay, I recently captured a 42 minute video of a friend and I playing GTA 4 on Xbox. While recording the video gameplay, I also captured my voice on my laptop, using my Turtle Beach X21 headset. When the capturing was finished, I went into Videowave, added the video and then synced up the audio of my voice. Got everything synced up great; but, when I went into Storyline mode to pick and choose certain scenes from my 42 minute video (to make a montage), that's where I ran into the problem. For some reason, the audio of my recorded voice won't sync up with the video. Such as, I went to choose a scene about 23 minutes into the video, got it all set with the start point and end point, but when I would go to review it, my recorded voice audio started playing from the very beginning. Such as, my recorded voice audio started at 00:00:00 instead of 00:23:35. What is the deal here?! I even tried syncing up the audio and video, and saving it as a production. Then I closed out, re-opened the production (finding that the game footage and my recorded voice audio still matched up perfectly), then tried picking out footage 23 minutes in, in Storyline, only to find that my recorded voice still started its playback at 00:00:00. The only way I could find to do this, was go back through my recorded voice audio, and edit it with my CD burner SoundWave program, which is, you guessed, also from Roxio, and cut, paste and save that audio. Then drag down that short 14 second voice clip into the scene I made. Is this really the way I have to do it? Or am I just not syncing the video and recorded voice audio correctly? Can someone please help? PLEASE! The main reason I bought these $70 Turtle Beaches was to do this. And if I did this just to find out it's still going to be a bullsh*t hassle to make a simple montage video, I'm really going to be upset. I mean, what the hell?! What was Roxio thinking not including the proper program, or whatever, needed to capture your own voice?! Kind of defeats the purpose of getting a game capture card, right?! Whew! Sorry about that rant! Just getting really frustrated that there's so many hoops and stuff you have to jump through to make a simple video. Somebody, please help? Maybe Vaughn Whiskey. I know he uses this same route. I've seen him comment about it on here. I've also watched and commented on one of his videos on YouTube of him explaining it. Maybe he can help out here? Anybody's welcome to help, too. If you know a route I need to take to be able to have my video and recorded voice sync up when editing it in Storyline mode, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  4. TheLaffey17

    Adjusting Video Volume?

    No, that didn't help. That link had nothing pertaining to my question. All it had in it were answers regarding how to hook-up Turtle Beaches. My question pertains to adjusting the volume of video or audio files. The only reason I mentioned my Turtle Beach headset was so everyone would understand what type of equipment I used. Thanks, but, that link in no way, shape or form had anything to do with my question. Anybody else? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
  5. TheLaffey17

    Adjusting Video Volume?

    And just to clarify, I don't know if it matters, but, I play on the Xbox 360, and have the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. It is hooked up via HDMI cables.
  6. TheLaffey17

    Adjusting Video Volume?

    I just bought a set of Turtle Beach X12s today and they work awesome. So, today, me and my buddy played some MW3 and I captured the gameplay, while also recording audio of my voice on my laptop. When I went to edit them, I got everything synced up perfectly. However, the gameplay volume is so loud, you can barely hear the audio of my voice. Is there a way to go in and adjust the volume of either the video or audio file while in Videowave? For the life of me, I just couldn't find the option. If there is a way, or some sort of trick anybody knows, I would greatly appreciate it. (If it helps, I used the generic voice recorder for Windows 7. Thanks to anyone that answers!)
  7. TheLaffey17

    Does The Roxio Game Cap Hd Pro Record Xbox Live Chat

    From my personal experience, it will pick up voices of other players/friends; but, will not pick up your own voice - which sucks. From personal experience: I was in a party with a friend and it would pick up his voice as well as other players in a free roam session of Red Dead Redemption. So far, Red Dead Redemption is the only game that I've really captured. Discovering the issue of the Roxio not being able to pick up my voice kind of let me down to the point where I don't really use it anymore. Major bummer! Kind of wish I would have done more research on this product before purchasing it. Kind of seems like a "DUH!" mistake by Roxio. Why would you create a product like this, knowing full and well what people intend on doing with it, and not let said product capture the user's voice?! (And, yes, it was kind of a "DUH!" mistake by me for not further researching this product before I bought it - I know!) All together, minus this (what I think is a major) issue, the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro is a great product. Hopefully Roxio will come out with some update to fix this, or something. Hope that helps!
  8. TheLaffey17

    Capturing Seems To Pause At 4 Seconds

    I hope I don't sound like a complete idiot here; but, one thing I thought about might be: Right before you hit the capture button, off to the left are options. Such as, what quality you want the Roxio to capture in, etc. Also, there is an option where you can set it to stop recording after a certain amount of time. Like mine, it was automatically set to stop recording after 30 minutes. Did you, or was yours, set to stop capturing after 4 seconds? I'm not at my home laptop that has my Roxio software installed, so, this is coming from memory on how the screen appears. But, I believe those options are on the left hand side - just left of the Capture and Live Stream buttons and preview window. Just a thought. Check that out and let us know.
  9. TheLaffey17

    Asking Another Question That's Already Been Asked...

    What if I were to use my regular headset on my Xbox 360 (just so my friends/other gamers can hear me talk) and also set up a microphone on my laptop and record audio of me talking during the gameplay, save that audio, then when I go to edit a video, overlay that audio file (hoping it'll sync up perfectly)? Does anybody know if that will work? I mean, you can add all sorts of audio to a created video. Why not audio of yourself talking?! Have I just discovered something? Or is that kind of a: "Duh, idiot! That's what we've been trying to tell you!" sort of thing?
  10. TheLaffey17

    Asking Another Question That's Already Been Asked...

    Hmmm... I guess I better give up. I still don't understand. Thanks for the kind words, Jim. I appreciate it. Although the: "It can stream! Not record!" comment doesn't make any sense to me. LoL! The way I took the comment about Turtle Beaches was: If I buy Turtle Beaches, and use those, the Roxio will pick up my voice and I will be able to hear my voice, as well as the other gamers, while reviewing a gameplay that I captured. The picture you posted, Jim, it seems to be referencing Live Streaming. I do not live stream, I just Capture my gameplay, review it, edited it then post it to YouTube. So, yeah. There's my understanding of everybody's answers. If you so choose to venture out again, and try to answer me in a way I'd understand, I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks... again!
  11. TheLaffey17

    Asking Another Question That's Already Been Asked...

    grandpabruce: First, I just re-read my comment - I hope it didn't come across as being a smart-&%$. If it did, I apologize. I didn't mean for it to sound that way. And after reading Vaughn Whiskey's last reply again, I don't fully understand. Like I said, I need it explained like you would explain it to a child. Dumb it down for me. I'm totally new to video capturing and video editing. So, while those pictures and charts are helpful, I'm sure, it means absoluely nothing to me. So, if I purchased Turtle Beaches, or headsets that hook up through a USB port, my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro will pick up my voice when I go back to review my captured footage? Thanks in advanced to whomever can help me out! Sorry to be a pain!
  12. TheLaffey17

    Asking Another Question That's Already Been Asked...

    Yes I did. Your point being...?
  13. TheLaffey17

    Asking Another Question That's Already Been Asked...

    Yeah, kind of what I didn't want as a reply. However, I looked at the link again, and nowhere in it did it say, "Yes. If you use this method, you'll be able to capture your voice live as you capture your gameplay." So, if I go the route with the Turtle Beach headset, will I be able to capture my voice when capturing game play? A simple yes or no would be great. Thanks!
  14. Here I am again, asking a question that has already been asked a few times. Sorry to be a pain, and do this again, but; all the responses to those videos are either answered with: - Look at these links. - Big, long, drawn out answer with graphs/tables/etc. - Answers with waaay too much terminology that I do not understand. So, here's my question: Is it possible to capture my own voice while capturing gameplay? Because my friend and I like to have fun, and do little comedy videos while we play Red Dead Redemption, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, MW3, etc. And the crappy thing is, you can't hear me; but, you can hear my friend and other gamers - which kind of defeats the purpose of making our videos. Now, I know you can later go in and do a commentary voiceover while editing the video; but, where's the fun and authenticity in that?! You don't capture the heat of the moment! LoL! I've looked at the FAQ, and seen some people answer this question with a: "No. Not at this time." But, here's part two of my question: Is there a way to by-pass it somehow? Like, I currently use the crappy headset that comes with some Xbox 360s. Are there any headsets that will, like, somehow work, like Turtle Beach headsets or something? Any answers would be greatly appreciated. And, hey, do me a favor. Dumb it down. Like, literally... act like you're explaining this to a child! Thank you! I really appreciate it!
  15. TheLaffey17

    Now My Video Will Only Post To Youtube In 480P

    Well, Jim, before I started capturing, I didn't set it to 720p - it was still set at 480p. See? Complete moron. My only defense - it was my second time using it. In the words of Bruce Almighty: "B-E-A-U-TIFUL!"