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  1. Is there anyway that I can stream on websites like YouNow.com? Or can I only stream on Twitch.tv
  2. Blakeshelton996

    Record Ps3 In Hd

    I purchased the HD pro version of the Roxio game Capture. I play ps3, I tried to capture gameplay with just HDMI cables and it would not let me. So I had to get a component cable. I have a component cable going from the Roxio game capture to my ps3 and HDMI cable going from the Roxio game capture to my T.V. and it works. But that means I'm not getting the game capture in HD. I spent 150 dollars to be able to record in HD, which I am not able to do... Is there any way I can record in HD on a ps3?
  3. Blakeshelton996

    "signal Protected"

    This is what my screen looks like
  4. Blakeshelton996

    "signal Protected"

    I have a good picture but I can't hit the record or stream button. I can take a snapshot. I have this all connected with HDMI cables. Can someone please help me solve this problem!