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  1. AMENINCE777

    Need Help

    You have everything set up correctly? Using component cables from the PS3 to the Roxio and component or HDMI from the Roxio to your tv? Then make sure you have component 720p selected in the PS3 settings. Plug in the Roxio, turn on the PS3, open the Roxio all in that order.
  2. AMENINCE777

    Problems And What We Need Fixed

    Hey everyone, I decided to make a post where we all can state things that NEED looking into with this product so we can all keep track of them. Hopefully this way we can all compile a list and get this to Roxio because the majority of us can agree that things need a fix. No arguments, no bashing, just a level-headed discussion. I'll put some of the things I think should be addressed or at least looked into first: Recording There are times where the video resolution changes from 720p to 480p and I have no idea why. Using Windows 7, the preview screen stops showing if Aero themes are disabled. Whether this was by design or not it is still an issue. Note: I'm using an Asus K53E laptop, Intel Core i5 2430M CPU at 2.4 GHz, 4GB RAM, and Integrated Intel HD 3000 Graphics. Cannot use any other capture software outside of the included software unless it is coded to do so i.e. Xsplit. Not that big of a concern since some people have/are working on software that can work with it. Live Streaming After an update to Twitch, users are no longer able to log in and stream to Twitch TV. Allow for a higher bit rate than 2250 kbps. Allow users to change the frame rate as well. The same as in "Recording," the preview screen does not show while Aero themes are disabled in Windows 7. Give the users an option to add overlays to their stream. There have been a few problems with the bit rate test when choosing a server that should be addressed. Support I would appreciate it if this company could test their product to make sure everything is working. It's not wise to advertise the ability to stream to Twitch when the product needs to be updated and hasn't after the recent Twitch update. Since more people seem to visit the forums for their problems, dedicate more members to scouring the forums to at least get some feedback to improve their product. Well, that's just what I have at the moment. Give your input and let's try to get things fixed. This is a good product that would be GREAT if it weren't for the lack of support.
  3. AMENINCE777

    Unable To Upload File To Youtube

    Well if you're looking for a free solution then you're going to have to convert the .m2ts file to something else, for that you can download Freemake Video Converter or any other free video converter software and after converting you can then upload it via your browser. It'll definitely take a while, though, to convert the file....like hours. I always wondered why Roxio made their product use .m2ts and I also wondered why they haven't updated their product in a year.
  4. AMENINCE777

    Livestream To Twitch "loading Video"

    Oh great, now we have to wait for Roxio to do something? Wonder how long that process is going to take since we all know how incredibly fast Roxio is at fixing their product with all one of their updates since release (so much sarcasm here even sarcasm itself is confused).
  5. AMENINCE777

    Livestream To Twitch "loading Video"

    Almost every time I try to record or stream I have to fix something lol...getting crazy. I really get annoyed when I record something and after I'm finished the file is 480p so now I have to check to make sure it's always 720p...still no clue why it defaults to 480p at random times. I have no hopes for this product getting fixed lol. I'm just waiting for OBS to full support it so I can completely abandon the included software.
  6. AMENINCE777

    Livestream To Twitch "loading Video"

    Yeah, at least it's working better now. I have no idea what the "you are still streaming" thing is, never had that message...yet anyway lol. I took me nearly 3 days just to get everything set up...starting to hate technology more and more each day XD
  7. AMENINCE777

    Livestream To Twitch "loading Video"

    Oh, I'm running Windows 7 so I didn't even think of Windows 8. I've checked on the OBS forums a few times and it seems that Windows 8 does kind of have its conflicts, might have to ask on there and see if someone can help. You're welcome for the hint
  8. AMENINCE777

    Livestream To Twitch "loading Video"

    Do you mean the preview in OBS or in the Roxio? Since OBS sees what the Roxio sees, in a sense, then that would mean the Roxio preview screen is going black. If that is the case then do you have the option checked in OBS to disable Aero? If so then make sure you have the Roxio up FIRST with the preview screen showing and THEN run OBS. For some reason the preview screen will still work that way, but not if you have Aero themes disabled first then launch the program.
  9. AMENINCE777

    Will There Be An Update Any Time Soon?

    Well the product has been out for a little over a year now and we've only received one update that was within the first month that didn't do much. Since then the product has been pretty much ignored by Roxio/Corel. I'd really like to see a MASSIVE overhaul for the products software.
  10. AMENINCE777

    Pixel Problem And Purple Preview Screen.

    For pixelation, are you using a laptop? If so make sure it's not overheating (none of the vents are covered). Make sure you're not running a lot of other programs either. The purple preview screen only happens to me when I have Windows Aero disabled, like if I have my computer running in Windows Classic or Windows Basic mode.
  11. AMENINCE777

    Live Streaming Via Twitch Does Not Work

    Definitely agree with you about the update being long over due. It's been a year and I figured with all the advertising of how great their product is that we'd see more support for the device. It's not even a bad device, I definitely like the quality of the Roxio and I'd prefer to use the included software to stream as well. It makes no sense that people are still having these problems, but all we can do is hope that they do SOMETHING.
  12. AMENINCE777

    Show Us Your Captures

  13. AMENINCE777

    Live Streaming Via Twitch Does Not Work

    If it's still a problem then use something like OBS and window or monitor capture for the time being. Better than nothing and still has great results.
  14. AMENINCE777

    Livestream To Twitch "loading Video"

    I have the same problem if I stream with Roxio's software. It doesn't impact me as much since I use OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to stream since I have many more options for streaming, not to mention OBS is free. The only down side is that the Roxio isn't supported yet (being worked on), so you'd have to use either window or monitor capture. It's a little bit of a longer process to set up the stream, but it's worth it AND it shows my stream.
  15. AMENINCE777

    Best Picture Settings For Hd Pro Recording Cod Ghosts

    Ok, are you asking what settings to use in the Roxio software or in the editing program? Either way nobody can give you exact settings because everybody's monitor isn't calibrated the same so what may look amazing on one monitor might look dull on another. I'll assume you mean the Roxio software (like the preview screen). If you don't know much about the settings I'll try to give some pointers: First of all raise or lower the brightness until YOU like how bright it is. Next, adjust contrast because those are the highlights and also contribute to the difference between the lightest and darkest parts of the picture. Finally boost the saturation up slowly until the colors look good to your liking. I don't know my exact settings for it off hand since I'd have to hook up my Roxio, but that's how I got mine the way I liked. When I edit I might apply color curves or basically add more contrast, then I'd sharpen it a little (like 10-15%), and add more saturation if needed. Don't worry about asking for more help, I have enough free time to help as much as I can.