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  1. Another install this time with services and startup disabled except for microsoft applications and same story vhs preview in S video but no capture.
  2. It's not an option I'm afraid, he's not well enough. I'll try another install with everything turned off again.
  3. cdanteek: I remember reading this topic before posting. The lead I am using is good quality: see http://www.amazon.co.uk/NIKKAI-SCART-S-VIDEO-SVHS-CABLE/dp/B0037P2RJW/ref=sr_1_11?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1352829514&sr=1-11 and I have yet to find a video player (and I'm up to 5 now as my mum has just bought her spare round) that doesn't rely on scart to transfer the video signal so the software must be designed around this, surely.
  4. Computer box is new and the USB ports have not thrown up issues with other devices. The leads and Roxio USB I'm using works with the DVD player to the PC and similarly for the camcorder.. The VCR's all pass a good signal through scart to TV screens and I assume therefore that the signal leaving the VCR is ok. It is clearly reaching the PC as there is a black and white preview but it is not being processed in a way that allows capture. Either the connection is not good (but the leads and connector work) or the signal is not being processed/recognised correctly ?
  5. I have installed the software on my brother's computer and it works but this is not a satisfactory solution because I am unable to use his computer on a regular basis. (basically he is allergic to noise - see hyperacusis). I have installed the software on both my home PC (details supplied above) and my laptop. I have now used four separate VCR's all with exactly the same result on both my pc and laptop - ie no signal but a black and white preview and sound in S video, nothing in composite. This now includes using the same leads, disc and video player that I used successfully on my brother's PC. However for whatever reason it will not work on either my PC or my laptop. On my PC the leads provide a perfect image from the DVD player so it's not them. The device and software work perfectly for camcorder capture but will not capture VHS. I have used four different VCR's all with the same result, including one that works successfully with the software on another computer. I can only see that it is the way that the software is interacting with my computer and laptop that is the issue yet I have clean installed it 5 times, including copying the disc to HDD and then installing with startup disabled in msconfig on my pc. I have tried to "pass through" the DVD player as a connection but have not been able to achieve this - the DVD player just connects and displays its start-up screen and won't allow the signal to pass through. Any ideas?
  6. in my ignorance I'm not sure what V2D is - you'll have to elaborate a little. If you mean can I get good results from the camcorder the answer is yes - the quality is better than I expected. it's capturing from the VCR's which is the problem.
  7. Audio is not the problem that's fine. Thanks for all the help it is much appreciated.
  8. The same leads also work fine with my video camera.
  9. Two different VCR's one Sanyo nicam stereo one matsui mono. Never had any issues with either of them and both still work perfectly well. Forgive me, but given the amount of reviews that have had issues with installing the software I'll back the video players over the software - it's highly unlikely that both have the same fault - ie will produce no image under composite and only a black and white preview under S video. No I'm not using an extension lead, yes it is a USB 2.0 on the back of the computer and the DVD player I tested is probably older than both the VCR's but works fine with the composite leads.
  10. BTW I don't know whether it was the attempt to install the SP2 download link posted by JH but the software now runs in W7 but with the issues already outlined above ie still can't capture from VHS.
  11. cdanteek: DVD player works fine Device manager appears as you have posted with USB 2861 and roxio capture usb
  12. Thanks for all your suggestions. I suspect an upgrade may be the ultimate solution but it is annoying knowing that other users have successfully used Easy VHS with Windows 7. Afew observations: 1. The attachment was in MS word 2003. I didn't for a moment think that this would cause any problems! 2. The software does not work for me in W7. All my drivers are up to date and I have installed with all other software disabled at start up from a copy on my HDD. The software crashes and gives me errors if I click on any of the icons or if I go thrpough the menus to get to the functions, none of which will work. 3. If I run it in compatability mode it works perfectly well in capturing video from my video camera and I'm confident I could use the other functions successfully. 4. The problems occur in transferring VHS tapes whether they are home made or commercially produced. In composite video I get sound only. In S video I get sound and a back and white preview but I cannot capture. I have tried two funtioning but entirely different VCR's and both have produced the same result. 5. Updates, including the V2D 1 124 SP2, inform me "software not found" - this message also occurs if I run the update in compatability mode. Wood
  13. Ogdens: I have seen the link you refer to. Searching for updates in the software returns a message "software manager did not find any updates for your application." I have downloaded a version of sp2 (file version but when I click on installing it, it tells me "software not found." I have only managed to get this far by running the software in XP sp2 compatability as Windows 7 gives me errors and won't run the software. I have also done all the "preps to the letter" and including several "clean" installations. On my last clean installation I copied the disc and installed it from my HDD with "disable all" in startup in msconfig.
  14. Hi - please help if you can. I have installed easy VHS to DVD (version 1.2.198; and have tried both composite and S video connections in two functioning VHS recorders. I can get sound on both composite and S video. However composite yields no pictures and S video only a black and white preview picture which I am unable to capture (the capture button is greyed out). The program works fine with my analogue video camera. Grahpics card drivers are up to date and all latest windows updates are installed. DxDiag.txt