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  1. Thanks for taking the time for this I really appreaciate it. I've got a lot of teachers waiting on the materials I need to capture and the delay is seriously stressing me out! Thanks Again! DxDiag.txt
  2. Roxio Creator 12, as per my last post.I tried to attach a pic but it doesn't seem to have showed up. That is the window. It recognizes the USB capture device but the window that showed DVI and format size, etc is totally blank. I did a repair install and it didn't help. It is doing the same thing on my laptop. I removed it from the laptop and tried going back to version 11 but it is having the same issue. No capture settings. I hope I'm getting clearer. I usually work in Microsoft, not Roxio... Thanks!
  3. Media Capture is what appears at the top of the window in Roxio Creator 2012 when you are trying to import video. I am using a Roxio Video Capture USB device and that registers correctly but the Capture Settings Dropdown Box is blank. Sorry about the first line, I didn't realize that was a requirement.
  4. I have Media Center 12 installed on my windows 7N 32 bit system and when I open the media capture it shows the Roxio USB capture device but the Capture Settings drop down window is blank. Clicking anything causes the program to crash. I have never been able to use this and the Roxio techs had me pull all sorts of files for them to forward to teir II and I have heard nothing from the company in over 2 weeks! Has anyone else had this problem? I'm really irritated because I'm getting behind in my work and I really don't want to pay for adobe. Thanks!