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    Hdmi Capture Doesn't Work On My 360 Slim.

    Try using switching to component and vice versa.
  2. I've had the same problems, these fixed them: 1). Did you plug in your roxio card BEFORE you installed the program? Try replugging it and it should work. If that didn't work, 2). Set your Xbox's display to 720p in the system options. The roxio card cannot read/display 1080p. Good luck!
  3. RoxioUserDude

    Does The Roxio Game Cap Hd Pro Record Xbox Live Chat

    Just use audacity and record yourself. It's a hassle, but you gotta do what you gotta do.
  4. RoxioUserDude

    Poor Graphics Quility When Capping

    Uh, wasn't trying to be a smart donkey at all. I was trying to help and I've had my profile on 480p and experienced the same issues as the TC. i think the main thing that people need to check is their system specs to see if they meet the requirements.
  5. RoxioUserDude

    Poor Graphics Quility When Capping

    uh, use the 720p profile
  6. It's YouTube's encoder or whatever the hell they do to it when you upload. It happens to me too; file is nice and clear until it's processed through YouTube.
  7. RoxioUserDude

    Pc Output Resolution From Capture Card

    Disabling your custom scaling might help but I doubt it(helped with my 1920x1080 monitor). I have a monitor that is 1650x1050 and it is describing what you're experiencing. It's annoying, but I gotta live with it. Please tell me if converter fixes anything.
  8. RoxioUserDude

    Faulty Card?

    Yes that was all.
  9. RoxioUserDude

    Faulty Card?

    Indeed. Tried it yesterday but no dice. Oh well, hope other users will not go through my troubles.
  10. RoxioUserDude

    Faulty Card?

    Yep, and apparently I am an idiot. Setting the display to 720p seemed to fix the problem.
  11. RoxioUserDude

    Faulty Card?

    Yes. Well, I find that I have a hard time explaining things clearly. As I've stated before, HDMI works just fine but I'm still having problems receiving a signal through Component. Followed the manual, double checked wires, changed video settings on the xbox and still, no signal. UPDATE: It doesn't work on my Phat Xbox 360 but works fine on a Slim.
  12. RoxioUserDude

    Faulty Card?

    I am using a media bridge component cable and they have favorable reviews so I'm pretty sure they're reliable unless if there's a specific type made for the Xbox 360. I'm running my Xbox to the roxio card and have the media bridge component cable running through the roxio card and to my TV. I receive a signal to my TV from the Xbox I cannot receive a signal in the game capture software. I've tried the steps you've said, searched the forums and decided to post here when those solutions didn't work. If my wording is scrambled and hard to comprehend, I apologize and will try to be more clear. Thank you.
  13. RoxioUserDude

    Faulty Card?

    I've been trying to record via Component but all I've been getting is "No Signal". HDMI works just fine but when trying to record via Component, the source keeps alternating for some odd reason. The output works fine as I can see it on my TV, but I cannot receive a signal. Any thoughts?
  14. Will it ever be possible to adjust the resolution settings from the xbox menu with the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro hardware? I'm playing on a monitor and the only settings there are are 720p and 1080p so the picture is a bit "blurry". It would be wonderful if this could be added into future updates.