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  1. Kenny1wk

    Toast 17 Not Opening...

    I went in once and re-installed same problem. Then went into my library and my wife's library and found some I overlooked. Reinstalled for 3rd time and everything opens now fine. I had toast 11 installed previously and probably some of those files not deleted were conflicting with toast 17 64 bit. Hope you get your's to work.
  2. Kenny1wk

    Toast 17 Not Opening...

    After going into library folder and deleting everything associated with Toast, Roxio, etc.. and fresh install everything openning fine.
  3. Kenny1wk

    Importing video questions

    I'm running Mojave 10.14.2 with Toast 17 Pro installed. I have camera video; I've ran through Final Cut pro that is shared to a master file movie . Plays fine with Quick time. The size of the movie is only about 6 gigs in size. When I drag it into Toast 17 Video it become like 48 gigs in size and to large to put on a 25 gig Blu-ray disc. What am I doing wrong????? I've used toast 11 for years the same way and never had this problem. Thanks for any help, Kenny
  4. Kenny1wk

    Toast 17 Not Opening...

    Same problem on my laptop. Will open for me, but if I switch to my wife user's side the Toast 17 just crashes.
  5. Kenny1wk

    Where Are The Style Templates

    To MGG, Go to the top of your screen select GO, 2. select computer, 3 select Mac HD, 4 select library, 5 select application support, 6 select Roxio, 7 select Toast Menue styles. They're probably locked so unlock and you should have your templates. Kenny
  6. Just bought a new Mac with OS 10.8.2 installed and also have a new Toast 11 Pro coming. Does anyone have Elements 9 working on your OS 10.8 ???? Thanks.