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    Apple Mac Compatibility

    THANKS for the reply. I saw something on the web about this but it seems that not everyone can do this. do you know some video tutorial about it or explain me better how to set this^^ thanks again have a nice day
  2. Hy,sorry for my bad english^^ I i just want to know if it is possible to install the Video Caputure program on my iMac beacouse my pc is old and it cant handle the capture well. I red about this but it seems that is only avaiable on windows and they say it will be avaiable on Mac soon but several months are passed and there are no news about it. Thank you very much Have a nice day Peace

    Installation Problem!

    Thanks for the reply. No it is my first Roxio Software installed on my PC.

    Installation Problem!

    Hey Jim,thanks for your time and your help^^ The box in not checked. just to let you know,i checked the box and on the list there is no windows sp3,i assume that is becouse im using win sp3. Hope you can still help me ill appreciate! Thanks again have a nice day

    Installation Problem!

    Sorry but on the forum you cant upload a .txt files,thats why i select all and copied into word. Thanks

    Installation Problem!

    Hey thanks for the reply and for your help^^ I attaches the last log file i have,i hope it can be helpful Thanks again Roxio-LF.doc
  7. Hy guys,sorry for my bad english. Thanks in advance for the replyes!!! I think i just have a bad luck^^ After some issue with the spedition,the Roxio Game Capture HD finally comes to my house. But here's the problem: I know my PC have more then the minimun requirements to run the roxio software. I insert the Roxio DVD,click two times on it,and it start the installation. I choose the language,accept the term of use,mark the "joyn the roxio group" after that it cames an alert message that say: In order to install the Roxio the installation will delete some program on your computer,it doesent say wich program or what. If i say NO,it will interrupt the installation,so i click on YES,the installation continues i insert the serial number and finally it start the installation,but when is almost finish it will interrupt and say: the installation was interrupted, and didint say why or what i have to do,i just can click on the LOG FILE or close the installation. If anyone can give me some advise ill appreciate Let me know if i have to attach some pics or been more detailed on my pc. Thanks again Have a nice day Gio

    I Need Help For A Refound! Please Guys^^

    Let me understand better,couse my english is a little bit poor. They will refund all the money i spend 360 euros, and if they have to pay the 100 euros for the intarnacional parcel to the postal service,they take this money from the 360 euros but in the future i can "use" this money to buy new stuff,right? Buying locally i think(now) is the best choice,but in my case,was impossible,couse noone sell the roxio.So i thought buy it from the official italian website was the only thing to do. Thanks again for the reply. Giorgio

    I Need Help For A Refound! Please Guys^^

    i live in italy and i ordered the 3 roxios from the official italian roxio website.The bill they gave to me say: 350,00 euros for the 3 devices plus 10,00 euros for the postal service,nothing else. Thank you for the reply

    I Need Help For A Refound! Please Guys^^

    Sorry maybe i didint mentioned it. I bought 3 devices in one order. Me and my friend thought it was better order all in one. The total price is plus 10,00 euro for postal taxes. Thanks

    I Need Help For A Refound! Please Guys^^

    hi thanks for you reply^^ Yes i misspelled the email on my post but i send the email to the correct address. The weird thing is that noone say: the item is shipped from other country and you have to pay more then then price on the bill. I read and accept the fact that shipping and/or taxes are non refundable(sorry again for my english) but not the internacional parcel cost that in no way are specified on the bill. Thanks again for your reply i hope some moderator can take a look to my problem! Have a nice day and thanks again Giorgio
  12. First of all sorry for my bad english^^ I need help from you guys! I ordered the roxio game cap hd from the official italian website. The total ammount on the bill they gave to me was 360,00 Euros, but when the package arrived the postal service ask for more 100,00 Euros due to the internacional parcels. There was in no way sayed this in the bill or whatever so i refuse the package. Now i want apply for a refound(i bought this 2 weeks ago) but i cant find the form to apply the refund or a valid number to call,i wrote an email to: refounds@roxio.com but Hotmail says they cant send the mail for unknowed reason. Can someone HELP me to solve this problem??? Ill really appreciate your help,me and my friends,save our money for months to buy this,at least we want our money back and buy the roxio from ebay or so. Thanks hope you can help me,have a nice day,and good luck on BO2!!! Gio