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  1. IMP3RlUM

    No Cd Drive/file Not Found

    all i had was the "card", i contact the live chat on one of the websites and they gave me a way to DL it. thanks
  2. IMP3RlUM

    No Cd Drive/file Not Found

    i bought the pro card from amazon a few months back and i cant seem to find my CD where can i get the drivers online or how can i get a new CD( i can provide proof of purches if needed)
  3. i need the REAL link to the software for the cap card pro, since the one on there driver page gives me a message of "file not found". my new laptop does not have a cd drive and i wish to cap
  4. IMP3RlUM

    Poor Graphics Quility When Capping

    im capping on the highest quility but it is still very bad quility. patchy and blury, a very bad video cap. any help
  5. IMP3RlUM

    Computer Crash When Capturing Vid

    thanks. no longer have compter crash issue.
  6. IMP3RlUM

    Computer Crash When Capturing Vid

    current resultion is 1366x768 at 100% edit program works but computer is still crashing after a few mintues of capping. next time it goes down(no more gamming for the night) i will take a screen shot of the crash report
  7. IMP3RlUM

    I Need Help For A Refound! Please Guys^^

    i live in the US i never buy things from out side the US for fear of something like that. but im pretty sure duties are collected when the item enters the country. and not at a later date. they should refund your 360euro(Back to your bank account, edit card, ect) but i think they are saying they might refund taxes shipping via a roxi store credit
  8. IMP3RlUM

    Computer Crash When Capturing Vid

    aww thanks never thought of that. thanks. any thoughts on the computer crashing?
  9. IMP3RlUM

    Computer Crash When Capturing Vid

    i am recording on my xbox when suddenly by tv goes black then i here my computer reboot. my computer has never crashed before. and i mean never. the specs of the computer is win7, amd x4, a gt 440 gfx, 1 tb hd, and 4gig of ram. plz help. also on a side note. when i press the edit vid button i get "you screen resiltion does not meet them min or higher" when i compare my res its alot higher