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    Hddvd Problem

    yeah. starting with the assistant (video tab, hddvd button, finish) gets me to the DVD screen... NOT the HDDVD screen. trying to use any of the drop downs to reach the hddvd screen has no response. like I said it just stays on DVD. I am aware that it requires a blueray player (I've got 2 PS3s in the house) I'd just like to see some video I recorded in true HD on my TV. they are short videos so if a half hour was available that would do just fine for now. I really wish Roxio had better support options. its almost maddening trying to get ahold of them.
  2. FlyingZee

    Hddvd Problem

    I really don't get this.. I had it all typed out. posted it, came back to look at it and all the content was GONE. I'm really starting to hate Roxio. so here it is. I bought a Contour Roam camera and wanted to put some of the video on a DVD. figured I'd try the HDDVD plug in that goes to Toast 11. bought it, installed it... every time you click on the High Def DVD button it won't select. it stays where it was at last rather than directing to the "purchase" page. tried contacting Roxio but the support page ends up being a MASSIVE runaround routine. can anyone explain what's gone wrong?
  3. FlyingZee

    Hddvd Problem

    so I recently bought a Contour Roam camera. decided I wanted to try and make a high definition DVD before buying a blueray drive. roxio's website claims it works with a standard DVD drive for burning but will require a blueray player to play. so I bough the plugin, installation was fine but it won't let me select the high def DVD option. it stays on DVD or whichever option was last selected rather than directing me to the website to purchase the plugin. can someone please tell me what I'm missing here?