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  1. Since the latest Toast 11 update, the Toast app will not launch at all. it simply hangs forever and must be Force Quit. What happened from Toast 10 to Toast 11 - it seems to have gone down the crapper in this transition....
  2. kevaquarian

    Toast 11 Crashing

    Ever since I went to Toast 11 there have been problems. Now I have a new one (problem that is). Since the latest update that was a total ball-ache to get installed, Toast 11 will not launch, and just hangs. I have to Force Quit. Toast 10 never gave me any real problems, and I've now gone back to using 10. I will do the usual trashing of prefs etc - I think I already did this actually - and report back. Will try the Safe Mode thing as well - forgot about that one - thanks.