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  1. Moderator Brendon, You can read this, or you can just delete the entire discussion, that part is up to you. (also i have no idea why this is in the middle of the page) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flaming_(Internet) This is not flaming, it's not against any forum rules or regulations to request knowledgeable replies from knowledgeable people, nor to state the fact that most information was already present in the OP. If anything I've been quite blatantly flamed against in the above posts, shown here. There was no attack on any specific member or group, only facts stating what the issue was and what i've done, and that it was an advanced question. the last may not be that terrible, more of a 'mockery' and just un-helpful in general. I appreciate you pointing out, yet ignoring the 'derision' which is also flaming me directly, pointing towards my name which is clearly nowhere near a 'z'. I did not however point towards any specific members and state their lack of knoweldge or otherwise. nor did i point out a group or specific names at all. I do however appreciate the last sentences you wrote, and I will recreate this post in a 'nicer' tone. I only request that you delete this OP and discussion as it's not helpful to anyone regardless of if i'm banned or warned or whatever it is called on here, or not. Thank you for your assistance. P.S. Yes, i did have to reply, yes, i'm a bit of a smart &%$, ...and yes, i'm actually going to re-create this in a nicer tone without the 'flaming' once this post has been deleted.
  2. It's not spelled 'zero' nor is it meant to say 'zero' so please correct yourself. If there's something else needed i'll gladly provide it to help solve the issue. As this is an official support forum there must not be many mods that care to moderate their own forum for trolls. (including the moderators it seems) Thanks for replying though. edit: It seems this a new issue and since others may have a similar issue, all these off-topic responses are not helping the original post to help others find a solution. I never stated I wouldn't provide more information or try and be helpful to responses, only that there are some people (cough) that seem to ask for stupid information like what color my computer is or something dumb like that. This post was in no way a 'stupid' question . it's a legitimate problem with screenshots and steps I have taken. If you don't want to help, DONT POST.
  3. Okay, gonna be honest, haven't messed with this thing in years and saw the update (SP3 with pretty much no update notes with it). I decided i wanted to plug it in and see how my new pc works. I have a ROG swift 27'' 4k 60hz monitor, and a 27'' Asus 1080p 60hz monitor. When i place the capture window (where you can press start captures, live stream, start pre-roll...etc) on my 4k monitor, it will show the full capture from my xbox one. If i place it on my second monitor... the screen cuts off on the capture window (black area where capture usually is). I tried to set the 1080 as my primary and got no change, only using the 4k monitor gives me the full screen but I do not want the window on my 4k monitor, i want it on my 1080p monitor. If i click the 'full screen' button the capture window full screen actually moves to my 4k monitor (not what i want). and not only that, it's still not full screen. So to summarize, even simpler terms. 4k monitor and 1080p monitor in dual monitor setup, roxio software works and shows fine on the 4k, but as soon as it's moved to the 1080p monitor the capture source cuts off inside the capture window (there's a screenshot attached for reference). This unfortunately seems like something a roxio developer would need to repair with a patch as I've already tried multiple things to make it display properly. Running program as admin, changing the main monitor from 4k to 1080p, trying full screen, restarting computer, re-installing software (even though it was a clean install in the first place). I am aware there are community members on this forum asking rather unimportant questions... so please don't ask stupid questions or you will get the best answer i can think up. PC Specs (because people may not understand that 4k is better than 720 for some reason) i7-4790k 4.0Ghz cpu 980ti gpu (updated drivers and checked) 32GB ram Windows 10 professional 64-bit if you honestly need anymore than that you should probably let someone else try and help. everything needed is in this post for this specific problem. However, If more info is needed, feel free to ask for it. DO NOT POST if you are not intending to help solve the problem.
  4. So, I've had this roxio hd pro since about a week from release. Of course like most people the 2-3 second lag is just annoying. My PC specs are fine, and i record fine but sometimes when i try to record, it blacks out the recording area, as well as the rest of my screen. I tried accelerating the program itself, granting it higher priority and everything, come to find out the problem was running it like that, It won't run at all in a higher priority or 'as administrator'. I was wondering if there was a way to start an accelerated capture mode? I tried running the capture mode itself (i found process and opened it from 'media capture' in the program files. I've had no success so far. Also, any way to get rid of lag when streaming? audio & video don't match up.