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    Audio Commentary/game Audio Separate?

    I am not sure i see the answer to my specific question in the FAQ - if i turn the mic option on does it turn the in game audio off while live streaming? (I heard this comment on youtube) Is there volume levels for the microphone & in game sound once I choose to option to use the microphone for Live streaming on twitch?
  2. bohemian

    Audio Commentary/game Audio Separate?

    I should also mention I am only going to use the device for live streaming on twitch
  3. I am thinking of getting the roxio and just really scanning out which is the best to go too (already have avermedia HD gamer live,happuage) but looking for something new and external what I am curious about is mainly the audio - there is always issues with either only the commentary being heard, or only the in game audio...how is this problem dealt with with Roxio? I notice a lot of people in the twitch chat rooms are always like "turn the audio down or turn the mic down" does Roxio have a MIC volume and an in game Audio volume setting like xsplit or is it all one sound smashed together?