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  1. Does that software also work with 8 mm tapes? I would like something that does both...
  2. I was afraid of that. I was hoping to find an update for Creator 2009 to make it compatible with Windows 7, but for the most part after I ignored the messages of incompatibility, I was able to make many of the functions work - are you sure that's the reason why the USB converter does not work? Also, the cord came as a "bonus" in the Special Edition box of Roxio Creator 2009. The program was bought by my dad several years ago and after wiping some dust off of it I decided to remove the shrinkwrap for them and test it out this year lol - I was hoping to try to salvage the software so it wasn't a total waste, but by your response I fear that that is impossible .
  3. Hi I have a question - I am using the Roxio 2009 Creator with the Video Capture USB but it seems to not be connecting properly. Everything is plugged in, and my computer recognizes the "USB 2861 Device," but says that there isn't an installed driver and I think that is the reason why I can't import (maybe?). When I try to install a driver for it, Windows says there isn't one (I am on Windows 7 64-bit). So when I try to "select a device" to capture/import from in the "Roxio Media Import" module, my only option in the drop-down menu is for my webcam. Is there another option that I need to select or something I'm not doing? I am just starting to use this software and there is no customer support on the product because it's a "legacy product." Please help! I'm hoping to convert some family movies as a Christmas present to my parents this year, so any help will be appreciated! Thanks, Kristen