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  1. Hi Jim I was using No Menu and No Chapters. It seems like my problem was the LG CH10LS20 drive. Thanks, John
  2. Brendon, I thought about trying DVD-R DL discs but I was unable to find any locally. I ended up buying a new drive to-day. My original drive is a LG CH10LS20 and was fairly expensive as it reads Blueray as well. I bought a Samsung SH-224BB/BEBE to-day for $20 and installed it. Cheaper than buying another 50 pack of DVD+R DL discs. Anyway I tried it just now and MyDVD was successful in burning a Dual Layer disc at 8X write speed and Fit to Disk. So it appears that my problem is solved. It is a mystery as to why Cyberlink Power2Go would work with my LG drive and Roxio failed every time. Thanks for everyone's answers to my request for advice. John
  3. The software that works ok to burn the dual layer disks is called Cyberlink Power2Go which came on a dvd that came with the LGCH10LS20 drive. John
  4. Yes both errors were while using MyDVD. The movie is about 2 and a half hours in length.
  5. Hi again Brendon, I tried this again after changing the quality to "Standard" instead of "Fit to Disk". It failed again but with a different message-- "Failed to start the image writing operation Error while burning image 80004003 Error while burning image". John
  6. Hi Brendon, Thanks for your assistance. I have tried two different brands of disks and wasted about 40 disks so far. I guess that would indicate that it is a problem with the burner drive. I will look into buying a new burner drive. John
  7. I have just purchased and installed Roxio Creator NXT on my Windows 7 PC and am having problems trying to burn DVD+R DL disks. Every time I try to burn a dual layer disk it fails with a message saying "SENSE: 04 ASC: 09 ASCQ: 01 (command 35) px.dll:" Can anyone suggest what could be wrong? It is not the DVD Burner or the DVD disks at fault because I have another program that will burn them without a problem. I have tried writing at a slower speed but that didn't help. What I am trying to do is burn movies to a dual layer DVD that are too long for a normal DVD.
  8. jlane

    Burning Dvd From Files

    tsantee-- I finally purchase Roxio Toast 11 and when I attempted to burn a DVD from my .avi files of converted iMovies, I got an error message saying that it was missing a codec for the file. I took your advice and installed the perian codec. That solved the problem. Thanks very much for your help. John
  9. jlane

    Burning Dvd From Files

    Can anyone tell me if Toast 11 will burn a dvd dual layer from a .avi file? What I am wanting to do is convert itunes purchased movies to .avi files and then burn them to a dual layer dvd when the movie is too long for a standard dvd. I have a program on my PC which will do the conversion but it won't burn to dual layer dvds. Thanks, John