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    Are you using HDMI? PS3 has copyright protection with HDMI, so the software may just assume it's Macrovision protection due to it not knowing any better. However, if you're using component, i don't have any idea why this is happening.
  2. Getting banned for using Logic (which was apparently guessing), lol @ this Jim Hardin guy. @tbrewst i actually have tried that already, and i also today reinstalled a fresh copy of windows 7 without prevail, it seems the software itself needs another service pack for the HDMI aspect of the device but thanks a lot for the help @Solution yeah its a bit of a bummer, if you find a fix, let me know please pal
  3. no need to be rude fella. Also, i thought you might find this interesting. http://goo.gl/R3Hzp
  4. My graphics card being Overclocked should have no problems whatsoever, i ran very heavy stability tests for prolonged times to check system stability and even multitasked at the same time with no problems whatsoever, so i don't see why that would effect it whatsoever, and anyway from what i've heard, the Gamecap HD doesnt even require anything more than a Onboard GPU and a Decent CPU. I have tried recording to both my internal (500GB NTFS 7200RPM) drive and My external one and the results are the same either way. I have even defragged my HDD. Im tempted to return this soon, is it possible to return even though i have had it for more than 30 days, simply due to the fact that i am not satisfied with the performance?
  5. The file itself on the PC, nothing wrong on the screen whatsoever. Xbox.
  6. Basically, long story short, when i use my Gamecap HD with component, the quality and the framerate is perfect (excluding the odd drop of a frame or two every 15 minutes or so). However, when i switch to HDMI, it becomes choppy and distorts the quality every 3 seconds or so, I do not understand why this is the case considering the fact that Component works so smoothly. My Specs are more than sufficient, but i'll list them out anyway incase there is a problem with specific hardware not being 100% compatible; Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 @ 2.5Ghz (Stock) 4GB Ram (800mhz i think) GTX 460 HAWK OC'd @ 950Mhz 800W PSU (Shouldn't be any power problems) I'm at my School at the moment so i can't upload any example Footage, however i shall do later. Cheers anyone who shines some light on this c: - Wilson