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  1. I am not sure what has changed on my computer but something has. I used to be able to rip one [or more] music discs in Toast and use “Save As Disc Image” option. It would save as a single Disc Image to my desktop (even if it exceeded the 80 minute spec of the redbook CD standard). It was saved as an .Sd2f file. That Disc Image would appear on the left side of my iTunes window under “Devices” as if it were a disc I put in my optical drive. I could then import it into iTunes with all the functionality iTunes allowed, such as the “Join CD Tracks” option under the Advanced drop down box. More specifically, I liked using this feature on live discs where the music faded out on the end of one disc and faded back in on the beginning of another [think Drums and Space on Grateful Dead discs] So anyway, somehow that functionality disappeared. I can still save the music as a Disc Image but it no longer shows up on the left menu of iTunes. I am not that computer savvy but I am guessing the when prompted I downloaded the updates to the newest version of iTunes and this version no longer allows "virtual" disc images. I am currently running iTunes 10.6.3 (25) and Toast 8.0.5 on an Apple Mac OS X 10.5.8. Any help is truly appreciated.it
  2. tsantee, Thank you for the reply. While looking for the Convert window, I found the "Mount Disc Image" command under Utilities. I'm pretty sure that this is a step I used to do and outright forgot it in the six months since I last tried this. Thanks again . . . your advise led directly to the issue resolution. CVila