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    Mp4 File Trouble, Help!

    Just in case any future problem happens with your recordings, make sure your bitrate is appropriately adjusted to your computer's specs. The default 7000 is the safest but 10000 is the safety barrier. Anything beyond that is unpredictable. Also, please do follow Jim's advice on M2TS recording.
  2. MrDerpski

    No Audio Recording When Usb Headset Is Plugged In. (Ps4)

    Try going to Settings tab then go to the Devices. From there enter Audio Devices and select your output device as the TV or AV Amplifier. Tell me if it works
  3. MrDerpski

    Degraded Quality

    It's normal to have the "1080P (unsupported)" thing in the resolution settings when connected to the Roxio. As long as you set your PS4 to 1080p the quality degradation won't be as much as when it is set to 720p. p.s. The colours will look a bit different it's normal
  4. Have you disabled HDCP in the settings?
  5. MrDerpski

    I Cant Record 60 Fps On Ps4

    Step 1: Set the PS4 itself to 720p Step 2: Record!
  6. MrDerpski

    In Need Of Help With Live Streaming

    If you're trying to livestream with OBS, consider using OBS Multiplatform which actually supports the Roxio as a capture device.
  7. Lower the bitrate kiddo. 5000 should be tops with 2500 being the minimum.
  8. MrDerpski

    Audio Stutters On Black Screens

    Silly question, but have you updated the Roxio program?
  9. MrDerpski

    Getting Edited Videos To Render At 60Fps?

    On VideoWave, what was the render setting that you used? (AVCHD 1080p, same as original, etc)
  10. MrDerpski

    Issue With Roxio Video

    Curious question, what was the bitrate you used and the specs of your computer? Also, I've observed that it's normal to have those pink flashy lines whenever you're not recording and letting the program go idle. Something is only truly wrong when it appears when you're recording.
  11. MrDerpski

    Passthrough Image Does Not Fit The Screen

    Play around with your picture size settings. What you're going through right now is called "overscanning" and every TV has a different way to fix it. I checked around the net and this is what I got for Bravia TVs: Hope it helps ^^
  12. MrDerpski

    How Do I Download The Roxio Hd Pro Sofware

    I don't know if I'm allowed to post download links here but No - pirate sites are not allowed You just need an account, wait for the timer to finish and you're set.
  13. MrDerpski

    Roxio Hd

    It depends on the editing software you're using and what your render settings are. If you're using Sony Vegas tell me I have a really good render settings that helps with making the killfeed clearer. If you're using VideoWave I'm experimenting on that too right now and I'll post whatever I find here.
  14. MrDerpski

    (Solution)Record Party Chat And Game Volume On The Ps4

    I suggest moderators to pin this thread as this works and is important for anyone who'd like party chat in their recording. Also,setting it to Dolby works too.
  15. MrDerpski

    Game Cap Sound Buggy

    If your playing on PS4 go to your Device Settings > Audio Devices > Output Device and select TV or Amplifier instead of the headset you're using
  16. MrDerpski

    I Update 2.1 But It Is Still 2.0

    Definitely got the update 2.1 too but it won't change the version 2.0 to version 2.1. I asked them on Twitter and they said that they are currently working on updating their website on it. The mini update apparently offers better compatibility with Twitch and Youtube livestreaming. https://twitter.com/Roxio/status/605385504897552384
  17. MrDerpski

    Capture Card Pro "can't Record 480P"

    Try reinstalling the software there might be something wrong with the installation
  18. MrDerpski

    Capture Card Pro "can't Record 480P"

    I suggest you set the resolution on your Xbox One to 1080p or 720p. What are you doing with 480p anyways?
  19. MrDerpski

    Ps4 Recording Glitches Help

    Regardless of what computer you use, never ever use 15000 bitrate since for some that would cause glitches to happen but not on 14999 bitrate. 13500 is definitely a good one.
  20. MrDerpski

    Ps4 Recording Glitches Help

    What bitrate did you recorded it on and what resolution?
  21. MrDerpski

    2 Questions

    1) Officially, no. Unofficially however, you can use 3rd party programs like Audacity to record your voice and edit it in later on. 2) I dont understand what you're trying to say here :s
  22. For some reason you may only record in 60fps if the resolution is set to 720p on the Wii U (or any other console technically). The Roxio will cap the recorded framerate to 29.97fps if the signal is 1080i/p.
  23. MrDerpski

    Ps3 Component To Hdmi

    If you're talking about PS3 -> Component -> Roxio -> HDMI -> Monitor then it'll work as long as you don't do anything goofy.
  24. MrDerpski

    Help With Audio Capture

    Different console, different methods so you need to be specific. For personal voice commentary however you can always use Audacity.
  25. MrDerpski

    Can Roxio Record In 60Fps?

    It can record in 60 fps as long as the resolution that you have set in the Xbox One settings is 720p. It will not and can not record in 60fps if it is set 1080i or 1080p.