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    Roxio Software

    Don't really have an issue with the software being a hog with my set-up but I will admit it has been tempting to seek out other software. Unfortunately you need to be a paid subscriber for compatibility with the card and that's just a whole other level of commitment. I'm happy with the Roxio software as it does/should do all I need it to at current.
  2. The Subtle Arts

    Roxio Software

    Not at current. Managed to actually successfully stream with absolutely no issues last night. Very weird. SHall blast some more tonight and see if I can confirm what was likely the issue.
  3. The Subtle Arts

    Roxio Software

    Gave that a shot, same thing. SO far the symptoms are as follows. Start streaming > anything between 0.30 - 3:00 of streaming the recording stops > Software displays either a frozen screen or total black screen > Is unresponsive or yet to become in a non-responsive state until you press the stop streaming button.
  4. The Subtle Arts

    Roxio Software

    Good call, totally forgot about the streaming servers. Shall see if it makes any difference, still don't see how it would freeze up the software but I guess who knows at this stage. Repair was done last night prior to recording flawlessly this morning. Shall let you know how I get on.
  5. The Subtle Arts

    Roxio Software

    Tried these steps Jim as I've noticed it's the same thing I've seen posted in other threads with different issues. The Graphics card is AMD, not Nvidia unfortunately, but I can confirm all drivers are up to date and is running the latest AMD catalyst software. It's Windows 7 by the way. Capturing is not an issue at least. Captured this morning with no issues using with max settings, for a couple of hours, never any delay, glitches, freezing or anything. Just the Live Streaming aspect is the issue here.
  6. The Subtle Arts

    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro Only Recording For Half A Second?

    I'm having this problem, earlier I created a new thread but thought it'd be wise to ask whether you found out the cause for the issue?
  7. The Subtle Arts

    Roxio Software

    Having since acquired the capture card last year I had no issues with recording or streaming. Recently the software has started crashing about a minute give or take into streaming mainly. The software freezes and becomes unresponsive and windows can't find a resolution. I've repaired and re-installed from scratch but this hasn't fixed the issue. I've noticed the odd complaint about the software but irrelevant to this issue. Sure there's a delay when streaming but that's a given. Would sincerely like any help with sorting this out! Update: Before anyone asks about PC specs. Total amount of system memory 8.00 GB RAM System type 64-bit operating system Number of processor cores 6 Storage Total size of hard disk(s) 1509 GB Disk partition (C:) 60 GB Free (112 GB Total) Media drive (D:) CD/DVD Disk partition (E:) 1348 GB Free (1397 GB Total) Graphics Display adapter type AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series Total available graphics memory 4837 MB Dedicated graphics memory 1024 MB Dedicated system memory 0 MB Shared system memory 3813 MB Display adapter driver version Primary monitor resolution 1776x1000 DirectX version DirectX 10 Total Windows Experience Index Score of 7.9
  8. The Subtle Arts

    Hdmi Input To Hdmi Output To Hdmi->Dvi Cord For Pc Streaming

    I have the same issue with an Xbox set-up - At current if wanting to use a monitor with the output cable being HDMI>DVI it won't pick up a signal, it point blank refuses to send one. A straight HDMI cable has no issue so I'm guessing it doesn't like the encode/source of the cable itself.