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  1. Using Video Wave I have imported a video file in avi format. It plays fine in Video Wave. However, I then try to Output the file as a mpg or another format and the resulting files plays but the audio stops after about 2.5 minutes. The video is fine but the audio just cuts out. I have tried two different output formats with no success. This is Creator NXT 4 on a Windows 10 PC. Does anyone have an idea as to what is causing this? I even tried NXT 2 and it does the same thing.
  2. Thanks for the check. Corel actually only shows NXT 4 (their latest) as compatible with Windows 10. This is the only software I've had a problem with since upgrading but will look into NXT 4 now.
  3. I am running Creator NXT 2. I have projects that were created in NXT 2 and I was able to create a Video Wave production including a couple black slides and in imported movie. I was able to Output that production and the sound was fine throughout. That was on Window 7. I recently upgraded to Windows 10. Creator now runs very slow and any file actions such as browsing or saving takes a several minutes to perform. Worse of all the production I created by copying an older one that worked, creates an output file where the sound is fine for the first minute or so but then cuts out completely. The video was captured from a DV camera through Roxio. I've tried a couple different output formats but the results are the same. Is there a compatibility issue with Windows 10 or is something else going on?
  4. Videomaker

    Videowave - Inserting Color Panels

    The issue is that when I right click on a jpg panel and select "Insert Color Panel", nothing happens. There is no new panel inserted anywhere in the production! I've tried this many times, on different panels, and nothing happens. The same is true if I try to insert from the menu. Something appears to be wrong with EMC 2009. Perhaps I need to reinstall but was hoping to avoid that if I could. Has nobody else seen this? I've used colored panels in prior versions with no issues.
  5. I am running Roxio EMC 2009 on Vista. I have used previous version without this problem. I add a few panels (jpg's) and then try to insert a color panel between then or after them. The option appears when you right click but nothing happens - no panel is inserted. I repeated this many times but to no avail. Does anyone know what could be happening?
  6. Videomaker

    Moving video files in Videowave

    Thanks for the feedback. I went back in to use VW but it appears that I did the chapter marking in MyDVD, not VW as there is no VW project file. I have a feeling I'll loose the chapter markers as I'll have to use VW to edit the video file and then reapply chapter markers. Unless I'm missing something, that's how I'll proceed.
  7. I've used EM8 to create a DVD, consisting of a 1.5 hour video. The video is a single file. I created chapters, and grouped them into three submenus. When I burn the DVD and play it back, I can select the chapters via the icons, but the video doesn't play at the point that it was bookmarked. The icon, consisting of a frame of the video at the point of the chapter mark looks correct on the menu, but when the video plays from that location it starts from some other point. Does this feature really work? If so, is there something I need to review to get the chapters aligned correctly?
  8. Videomaker

    Moving video files in Videowave

    I did rename the file on the external drive. When I opened the DVD project I didn't get an error. I used Tools/Validate Project and received the expected error that a file was not found. The only option I see is to click on Go To Error, which just returns me to the video menu. I don't see where I can change the pointer. When opening the project, the icons, consisting of movie scenes from bookmarks, still appear. How do I get the option to appear to tell EM8 where the file is at?
  9. I have a video DVD project, created from a video file in one location (external hard drive). I've gone through the effort of creating chapters but burning the project to DVD has been very slow. I've thus moved the video file to my internal hard drive but can't find a way to tell VideoWave that the file is the same one (with the chapters defined), but is now in a new location. Any body done this before?