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    No Signal?!?

    tried that, it actually worked! but the problem seems to be intermittent. I got a different tape player and plugged it in and that solved the problem... or so I thought, it works then it doesn't then you just get sound and then nothing sometimes I just honestly believe this software has some serious issues!
  2. DBmike

    No Signal?!?

    Ok i'm sure this has been posted a million times but since i'm on the verge of taking a hammer to the vcr i'm just going to post this as a new topic! SO I have everything connected properly (i'm a sound engineer so knowing everything is connected properly is kinda my day job) all software is up to date. I am running through MAC OS 10.7.4 if thats relevant. Now I set up the project, hit play on the vcr and get "No Signal" but there is audio. I have been out and bought all new cables and components, played with the tracking trued multiple combinations of when to plug in the usb to the mac based on state of setup regarding booting os or the programme and still "No Signal". As I said i'm at my wits end with this and before much longer it is going to become broken. Anyone out there want to help? Could really use some advice on what i'm probably doing wrong! Thanks in advance Mike