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  1. URGENT, PROBLEM My program don't work since Apple Update 10.15 ! ??????
  2. gwendal91


    you say than toast pro as for 260 euros more than toast titanium ! ? and since july i am always waiting for my products ! in France we call that theft
  3. gwendal91

    Toast 14 Pro All Products ?

    I just bought toast 14 pro ! but nothing about the other products ? how can i get them ?
  4. gwendal91

    Web Video Not Capturing - Another One

    ANOTHER ONE Since TOAST 11 i can't get vidéo on the web ! !????? any, nothing ?
  5. I am not recognize on COREL website, i must create an account and my numbers series of TOAST and other are not recognyze ! ??????? It is a BIG bordel de merde de chit
  6. gwendal91

    Converting Web Videos

    pourquoi , depuis plusieurs mois, il n'est plus possible de capturer de la vidéo web ? plus rien nul part !