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  1. Cheers for that. I'll stick to using external video editors after I've captured the video (I have about 5 different ones so I should be ok ) I am getting a lot of crashes though. Straight after I click stop capturing the program locks up on 2 windows 7 computers. Thankfully so far I can live with it as it seems to have made the file ok and it's just the software that crashes afterwards. One machine is quad core the other dual core and it's a pity as the one machine that works is the one I want to play the games on to capture I really wish they'd make a simple capture solution for the mac although it does seem to work fine in parallels (apart from the same crashing issue).
  2. Hi, I'm enjoying using the capture card but have 2 issues that I'm trying to work out. The first isn't such an issue but the colours do seem very saturated when recording and passing through. In this instance I'm using an xbox and have tried various xbox settings and colour settings. Is there an easy default to getting a good clean image? Oddly the first recording made a file of 0k but after that they seemed fine so I'm hoping that was just a glitch. I am however having issues uploading to youtube. What is the best export format at HD quality that I can save and upload to youtube later? I tried using the export to youtube directly but it's not so great mainly because (if it's working correctly) you just see a spinning icon and no clue or indication as to what it's actually doing. After watching the spinny thing for 6 hours I decided enough is enough. Well ok, I didn't windows did doing an update but still before this point I had no idea and just left it. Is this normal? I have however uploaded 2 youtube videos manually but I want to know if there's a good 720p or 1080 setting that creates a streaming file that's not quite as big as the full blown file. 1.6 gb for 24 minutes takes quite a while to upload to youtube. If anyone has advice on the best setting to save a file for later upload that would be gratefully appreciated. I like the device although do worry about how long the sockets will survive as they do seem over the top loose. Hopefully I have a 1 year warranty that should cover this but I think the socket quality does need to be improved. I really hope that one day a mac driver will be created so I can use the device natively on my mac mini as I'm sure it could handle it. I've not tried it on virtual windows but I will do sometime in the near future just to see if it works ok. Thanks for Reading and any help given.