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  1. I have the same problem and my device manager reports "Roxio GameCAP HD PRO". Every now and again capture will start and I will see the PS3 menu screens flicker for a few seconds (in the capture screen) before I get the blue screen of death. After rebooting Windows reports there was an error with a device driver. So maybe it's the device driver!!! I've re installed many times now but I haven't been going since Oct 2012. I've tried repairing. I've tried uninstalling the driver and unplugging the card and then uninstalling the software and then re-installing and rebooting between each step but still no go. I'm running XP Pro 32 bit.
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    That's what I'm doing!!! The input selection on the capture screen is fixed on HDMI (grey'd out) even though the YPPBR (component) indicator is lit and wont let me chose component.
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    Thanks for the interest in my post. No not at the same time, but you can select from the PS3 menus which one you want to use. The setup instructions from the HD PRO for PS3 assume this and give the precise instructions to make this selection. Just look at the provide ROXIO instructions for PS3 setup. This allows me to flick back and forth between 1080P on HDMI when watching Bluray and 1080i on component when recording gaming.
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    No Signal

    Having the same problem. PS3 -> Sony TV (via HDMI, HDMI 1 on my TV) PS3 -> HP RPO (Via component) HD PRO-> Sony TV (Via HDMI, HDMI 4 on my TV) HD PRO to PC (Via usb) On the roxio there are three lights. 1) large roxio symbol 2) HDMI indicator 3) YPPBR (component) indicator After carefully connecting and checking all cables I commence the PS3 setup. Form the PS3 sellect Video setup -> Component Now the next screen in the roxio PS4 stup is to select the supported resolutions (everything except 1080p). TV goes black. On Sony TV now select HDMI 4. (Hvae 30 secs to do this otherwise PS3 reverts back to previous video setup on HDMI 1). Screen black on HDMI 4. Check HD Pro and the YPBPR indicator has not lit up. This was a major problem until I discovered you have to start the client software on the PC and manually select the Input to be Component. This is not mentioned in the PS3 setup but after this everything worked fine. How ever that was for a while. Now that little work around has stopped working as well. I know I have changed or messed with the cables (checked again) so what gives. I can now get it to work every 20th time by rebooting again and again and again and making no other software, hardware or cable changes. Do you know how long it takes to boot 20 odd times. I've simply given up using the device. It is quite clear that the HD PRO does not auto detect the video input between HDMI and component. I think the only way around this problem is for Roxio to release new firmware for the HD PRO that allows the user to preselect the default video input to force the HD pro to select the necessary video input on power up. So that simply supplying power to the HD PRO will get you a video signal without having the run the client software. Using the PC client software to select the video input just isn't working. I hope someone is listening!