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  1. First of all, I am impressed by the speedy help I received on this forum. Your advise has allowed me to produce a PhotoShow in Creator 2010 PRO using multiple songs in one file. SUCCESS! wanted to post the steps I finally took to get there, see that Guru has much better instructions. Again, thanks.
  2. Tried Sound editor in Creator 10: no success, not able to combine several MP3 files to be used in a lenghty PhotoShow. Perhaps somebody could outline some steps for me? appreciate it!
  3. thanks for the advice. will try and comment back. otherwise, my viewers love the PhotoShows produced. dvd writing allows me to go shopping.
  4. Using Photo Show in Creator 2010 PRO successfully, including using My Music. Instructions state: Use ONE of your MP3 files. If the show needs 5 song files to cover the full length, can this be done and how? presently trying to include several tracks of CD but it seems to use only the last one loaded. Any work-around? tried to copy tracks into one file but delineator keeps songs separate. your help is appreciated.