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    Hdmi To Hdmi Xbox No Sound To Tv Or The Captured Game

    you do realize I made that post after I commented in here. Also, the only reply to my other post was about setup and I answered it , and since have gotten no further replies.
  2. SpectreBugg

    No Audio With Hdmi To Hdmi And Xbox 360

    Sorry. I should have stated that. Yes it does work just fine if I remove the device and use either one of the hdmi cables directly from the xbox to the tv.
  3. Hi. I am having a serious issue with the roxio game capture HD pro. I just bought it a few days ago and when I hooked it up the first time I could not get any audio out of it. I have an HDMI cable running from the xbox 360 to the capture card, and then an HDMI cable running from the capture card to my LG 32 inch LCD tv. I searched on here for a solution and found a topic that stated changing the xbox 360 audio to stereo instead of dolby digital would fix the problem. I tried that and it actually worked for a day, but now it is no longer working again. I have tried changing the audio for the xbox 360 and for the tv and nothing is working. I am also not getting and sound from the preview screen in the roxio software. Edit: I have also determined now that if I remove the hdmi cables and replace them with HD component cables on both sides, the audio works fine. It seems the problem is strictly within the capture card and only when using HDMI. again, any help would be great. Also, would I get the same quality video using HD component on 720p as I would using hdmi on 720p. I need this figured out in the next day or 2 or I will have to return this for a different product. If anyone can help that would be great. thank you. Also I would jsut like to point out that the fact that roxio has absolutely no phone support I can contact is unacceptable. I have contacted corel, digital river, avid rebate center, spoken with a lady who said she was a receptionist at the corporate office, and the man she transfered me too who says his company does not handle roxio products at all. Interestingly enough the man who didnt handle roxio products at all was the only person who seemed willing to help and tried to help at all. not satisfied with my service so far. There is no reason why I should have to submit some online ticket and wait days for anyone to reply, only to possibly not get help and it then be too late to return my product. There should be easy to access telephone support for recently purchased products.
  4. SpectreBugg

    Hdmi To Hdmi Xbox No Sound To Tv Or The Captured Game

    Interestingly I just posted yesterday that changing my xbox 360 audio from dolby digital to stereo had fixed my no audio issue. However the next day(today) I am back to having no audio on my tv while using this device. I have tried changing the setting back and forth again but this time it is not helping. Any Idea what the problem might be now. I have a limited time to send this back and may just do so if I cannot find a permanent answer to this.
  5. SpectreBugg

    Hdmi To Hdmi Xbox No Sound To Tv Or The Captured Game

    Thank you. I just picked one of these up and was losing my mind trying to figure out why I was getting no sound on my TV. Tried this and it works perfectly now. Again, Thank you for sharing this.