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  1. LenaBreadBurn

    Where Is The 8.0.5 Update For Toast 8 For Download?

    Thanks! It worked, though in a different way than expected.
  2. Sorry I didn't show up anymore, I was and am still sick. Is the problem now sloved? It sounds as if it is more like "ok, I can live with that compromise". There is Avidemux in which you can shift the audio under the movie, values in 50 and 100 steps (like 200, 300, 350 etc.) are good to start with. I would write more, but am too sick and haven't got that roxio application, but I imported my VHS tapes with my old Mac and had a problem which I will come to later. Aside from that: why does it automatically convert? I had a similar issue with a SATA-PCI-X card and a PowerMac G4 with using iMovieHD-5. After saving the file as "best quality" (which will make a DVC50pro file out of a recorded DV file) and playing the DVC50pro file in Quicktime I had the video ("picture") run away while the audio was normal speed. Saving the file to a Hard Drive on a native port (i.e. the PowerMacs own IDE-connector and not the SATA-PCI card) solved the problem. OR restarting the Mac and reading the file from the SATA drive. Seeing how heavy and inefficient OS X is written today you get lags with everyday tasks sometime, when the OS is on the 5400rpm HDD and not on an external fast USB3 HDD or SSD. This is actually pretty mean by Apple, to write the OS that stupid, that you need to use a faster HDD or an SSD to let it run with getting the beachball. I don't know, if the HDD speed (5400rpm 2,5" drives) play a role in you App issue.
  3. LenaBreadBurn

    Toast Dvd-Video Menue Buttons Not Showing More Than 17 Letters

    Thanks, but it seems every menue has the same style, if is 6 thumbnail-pictures divided by 2 rows. Like this: O O O O O O (imagine the O is a square picture) I will try, if I can use the second and third field under the name field (date and playing-time) for the rest of the title. Unfortunately I can only test it in DVD-Player (the Application in Mac OS X) and not on a real standalone-player.
  4. macuser, will come back tomorrow. in the meantime you could ask your question in the kenstone.net
  5. Hello, if i burn a DVD-video, the result has these little pictures with the name of the movie under it, which serves as start button for the movie. But it always shows the title under the preview/thumb picture only half and the goes ... Is there a way to change that? thanks!
  6. LenaBreadBurn

    Please Volunteer As A Toast Forum Contributor

    I only found this thread, now. This announcement is from 2012 and I have to say even after this date, now that tsantie is phasing out I benefitted so much from tsantie's activity here and got to know his helpfulness. Very sad that he had to leave, the more since it seems other members aren't as active and knowledgable as him... but I understand, that there are other thinks in life (more important). I'd like to add my THANKS!
  7. Hello, I'd like to know, if the mpeg2 (standalone-DVD-player) encoder improve since version 8? Or did they just add new features and stability? I ask, because iDVD (last encoder update in 2007) does pretty well picture quality wise, while my Toast 8 (which is from 2007 as well, I think) is a tiny tad behind it. So I wondered, if I could benefit from a newer version, most probably version 11. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I have a legal version of Toast (from install CD), it is 8.0.1 and I wondered whether there is an update. Searching brought me here, but same as me some people seem to have searched 8.0.5 with no success. Any ideas, where I can find it? At least it really exists https://www.roxio.com/enu/support/toast/version_history8.html Thanks.
  9. Hello, I know, that, if one has the space on a DVD, one should utilize the whole bitrate of the DVD-standard (i.e. 8-9mbit/s video and 1500kbit/s audio PCM). But could it be, that Toast chooses a smaller bitrate, if a higher doesn’t bring any benefit? I am using Toast 8. With automatic settings „best“ and 1 file (a 10min. cartoon with 670kbps AVC video) I get a DVD where the vob-track has 5563kbps video (audio is 192kbps AC3). See first picture. With custom setting (8mbps average, 8.5mbps max, half-pep on I get 5705kbps video for the vob (and 448kbps audio AC3, because I set it that way). See picture 2. I am now doing a test with different numbers of clips per one DVD and look what bitrates Toast uses then. (All with automatic "best" and also with custom 7-8kbps) The source is SD and not high quality (a 10min. cartoon with 670kbps AVC video). Would someone with a faster computer (I have a mac mini i5 2,5GHz 2012) and better ways to judge the result want to download a testfile (65MB) from me? Or can one of yu say based on the specs of the source file, what bitrate makes sense and what would be overkill and what would be to low. (I did a test with iDVD and set to "professional quality" and added the max allowed number of clips (12) and got something over 3000kbps. The faster encode option in iDVD resulted in a lower number of clips and a bitrate of 5936kbps (while in both cases audio is always 1500kbps PCM!). Thanks.
  10. LenaBreadBurn

    Burning Dvd On Mac

    Was this topic solved Teamarie and DeaconDaw?
  11. I tried: Toast does correct the aspect ratio in the upper case. It did however produce a non conform format out of a file that had 5:4 aspect ratio.
  12. LenaBreadBurn

    Toast Dvd Quality Vs. Idvd -- Hd Footage

    I know this is old, but I have a question. 1. I set avrg. bitrate to 8 and max to 8 andd the file resulted in an avrg. bitrate of 3mbit/s. I guess Toast decided, that there is nothing gained form a higher bitrate, since the source was already not good quality. Does it matter, if I set the average to 7 or 8? 2. would FCE only rezise (lower the definition) or did you meant to let FCE also convert to mpeg2 and Toast wouldn't have to re-encode?
  13. Hello, I have some files that 5:4, 4:3 and 16:9 and some that "mediainfo" detects as "640x464 (1.375)". Obviously there are missing 16 pixels. When I drop them all on Toast, and I set aspect ratio to automatic, would it then just convert everything to 4:3 PAL and leave the 16:9 in 16:9? I like Toast more, because of its freedom of choosing custom settings, but I have Toast 8 (2008?). Is it right to assume that iDVD7.1 (Oct. 2010) would have a better more recent encoder? I might as well try to get a copy of Toast 11 on Ebay... Thanks.
  14. LenaBreadBurn

    Return to Toast 10 v10.0.2 if you are PowerPC, Tiger user

    I know this thread is old, but lets sumarize: - 10.0.2 will work under Tiger (no version 10.0.3+ will work) - when using 10.0.2 and Tiger you will get no blu ray / HD support on a G4 (perhaps would work, but would take very long?), so the last fully working combination for PPCs without limits would be: PowerPC G5 + Tiger + not higher than 10.0.2 - 10.0.3 however will be usable on a G5 with Leopard with HD/blue ray support or on a G4 with Leopard, but without HD/blu-ray. Different question: how do you gues burn blu rays on a Mac? Can you just buy any blu ray recorder and connect that to your Mac?
  15. LenaBreadBurn

    Burning A Dvd Out Of One Toast Image And Two Dmg? Session?

    No, my mistake! Should have been clear(er) from the start.