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  1. Hi, Is it possible to create an 'old style' video effect to make it very old? Black and White and Crackly like the old Laurel and Hardy movies? Is there such a video effect on EMC 10? I can't find one. Thanks EEE
  2. The content is too long. Disc one is 4.6GB and disc two is 10.2GB. My plan was to move some of the content on to disc one and use two 8.5GB dual layer discs. But I can't work out out to move the content from one Project A to Project B? I'm not sure I understand your answer. I think it's assuming that all the content is on one production? It's not, it's on two separate saved productions? As I said, I'm not sure it's possible to move from one production to another but I was getting desperate so thought I'd chance my arm!
  3. Hi, Can anyone help me please??? I have spend weeks creating a movie/slideshow in Roxio EMC 10 MyDVD. The content became to big to fit on one disc so I started another production. I have now almost finished but would like to copy, or move, one of the slideshows from one production to another, i.e another saved production file. Is this possible? I can copy and paste a whole menu's slideshow/movie to another menu on the same production but not to another saved production. The paste option is not available when I open up the production that I wish to move the movie/slideshow to. Which makes me wonder, is what I'm trying to do actually possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards E.