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    Finalize Half-Filled Cd-Rw

    OMG! What an idiot I am! Thank you Guru! I never noticed the Burn Options!!!!! I will spend the rest of the day finalizing! Thank you!
  2. Kaiwyn

    Finalize Half-Filled Cd-Rw

    Sorry..Did you mean not use Roxio creator Classic, or not use Drag to Disk? I always found Drag to Disk a bit of a nuisance so I just uninstall it. So if I used Drag to Disc with my CD-RW it would ask me at the end of each session if I wanted to finalize?
  3. Kaiwyn

    Finalize Half-Filled Cd-Rw

    I do not use Drag-To-Disc. I only use Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 to burn media and fimes to CD-RW. I prefer it and as Roxio can be a bit touchy on my system (I believe program incompatibilities) I uninstalled D-D. When a CD-RW is full I get the option to make Read-only, but not if it isn't full, and in some cases I would like to finalize. often I have dance clips and not enough room to add another but the program isn't recognizsing that I cannot add any other clip. Will I have to reinstall Drag to Disc to get this option?
  4. Kaiwyn

    Finalize Half-Filled Cd-Rw

    I have always burned music and downloaded YouTube videos onto CD-RW. When the disc gets nearly fill a pop-up asks if I want to finalize and make readable only. That is fine but often I have a disc of videos and not enough room to add another but it isn't really full and I can't find any way of finalizing it. I have Roxio Creator Classic 9. I would appreciate any feedback as I don't want to have to convert everything and burn onto DVD.