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    Hotkeys Only Works If Capture Window Is In Focus

    Hi Jim, I went back to see if this hotkey issue has been resolved but the problem is still there even after getting the latest updates. Do you have any solutions? I would love to use the new pre-roll feature inconjunction with hotkeys.
  2. anigmha

    Hotkeys Only Works If Capture Window Is In Focus

    Nothing as far as I know save for any recent Windows updates. Do the hotkeys work on your end?
  3. Hotkeys to start and stop captures used to work perfectly fine for me last year, but now it only works if the window for the Roxio Game Capture software is in focus. Setting my hotkeys to the Fn keys or Alt+someKey did nothing. Please help. Here is my system info: WIndows 7 Home 64-bit OS Intel Core i7-3820 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti
  4. anigmha

    Save Last 3 Minutes Into File On Press Of A Button

    That's a bummer. Is there a way I can make a feature request?
  5. Is there a program (by either Roxio or third-parties) that will save the last 3 minutes into file on a press of a button. This would be very helpful in saving those awesome gaming moments without having to deal with the hassle of editing long gaming sessions.
  6. anigmha

    Can't Capture Audio Of Pc.

    Nevermind, I saw that the Device Manager had the basic sound card as the sound output instead of my graphics card, which is what is actually connected to the Roxio box.
  7. anigmha

    Can't Capture Audio Of Pc.

    I am able to capture the video of my PC and playback just fine, however there is no audio. If you need additional info to help me diagnose this problem, please let me know.