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  1. Kidd

    Can I Get A Refund Please?

    I just filed for one.Thank for the assistance!
  2. Kidd

    Can I Get A Refund Please?

    Do I go to the corel website? I have filed refunds on the roxio site and gotten no where.
  3. Okay so I bought this device because I was in the market for an HD Capture card and I saw the price compared to its competitors.I bought this card last Friday and when I recieved it on Monday. I was dissapointed.The card is great don't get me wrong I would love it if it worked.Let me get this started by saying I play on a monitor.A gaming monitor I should say.It only has a DVI input.So tell me why I can't use an Amazon Basics HDMI to DVI cable with this card? It works fine with my PC and my Xbox.But when I plug it into the card it does not work!Before you say connect the HDMI to a TV.NO.I choose to play on a monitor because of the smoothness and no lag.Now the software is another thing.IT SUCKS! Freezes 9/10 times! The livestream feature is awesome....if it worked! Oh and I can't use this with Xsplit,which is my preferable streaming software.All I'm asking for is a refund.I'm utterly dissapointed in Roxio at this point.