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  1. @bbphotos: That's exactly what I did.
  2. No Direct TV. I don't think I could have transferred the files to begin with if I had the DirectTiVo.
  3. I didn't run it on WMV files. Not a reason to do that. This makes me able to avoid whatever Creator is doing with file extensions and use the files in Video Copy and Convert; however, as noted above, there are issues with that as well. After I posted my last, I see that I could probably improve the quality by changing the bit rate. The next problem is that the DVD menu editor in C&C is primitive to the point of stupidity. You can change fonts, but you can't change the text itself.
  4. OK, I decided to circumvent this problem, so I used software called "Direct Show Dump" to remove the DRM from the TiVo files. I added a couple of the files to Copy & convert, did a little editing, and output them to DVD. I put 5 ~20 min mpg files in the project, and the resulting DVD is not full (i can see where the burn stopped on the back of the DVD), yet the quality is significantly lower than I was expecting. I know that I can't get HD video on DVD, but this seemed to be of even lower quality than standard definition (720x480), and it was very pixelated. 1) Is there a way to control the quality? I'm assuming that because I didn't add enough files to fill the disc that the quality could have been better. (I've used DVD Flick in the past, and it adjusts quality [bit rate, I think] based on how much you add to a disc.) 2) At no point could I specify whether I was using a DVD-5 or a DVD-9. Is this possible? This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the first question. That is, more space should equal better quality, with the variable being the number of files I add to the project. This is probably worthy of a new post, but I thought I'd ask, just in case. Thanks for your help.
  5. Jim, I will try to do that this weekend. However, I think you're missing the point that Creator thinks ANY file, regardless of content, is a Tivo file if the extension is ".tivo" That seems to be a major lapse of some kind.
  6. So you're saying I made this up? Why? To further my one-man crusade against Roxio Creator? Go read the reviews of any of the last few versions of Creator on Amazon, and I think you'll see I'm not alone. At the most, "a whole lot of people" are not reporting it. You don't have sufficient data to say that they are not experiencing it (or at least you haven't presented such data). Here's at least one other person with a problem similar to my own: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/83582-tivo-conversion-has-stopped-working/
  7. I would like help. However, I doubt that it exists. In any case, my sense was that you were more interested in telling me how my experience was atypical than in providing help. In addition, the help you did provide was information that I clearly already had: without it, I would have been unable to 1) copy the files to my computer or 2) determine that Creator does not recognize those files, and therefore I could not have posted the original message in the first place. You also can't ADD copy protection by changing the extension, but my experiment showed that this is what Creator seems to be doing—or, rather, it seems to be assuming that any file with a .TiVo extension video has DRM protection.
  8. I do have TiVo Desktop installed (I'm not aware of any other way I could have transferred the video to my machine). I meet or exceed all of the requirements for use of Creator. I have seen the tutorial (although both links you provided are the same, and neither is to the tutorial). What alternative explanations would you have for my test? Given the data, my conclusion is not unreasonable. Finally, I have searched these forums and found very few mentions of TiVo, and even fewer mentions of successful use of Creator to convert TiVo video.
  9. I am trying to use Creator 2012 to convert TiVo video to DVD. I have multiple files from multiple channels: CBS, TCM, PBS, Showtime, etc. In every case, I receive the message "This folder contains files protected with Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology. DRM protected files cannot be added to a project, so they will not be displayed." I e-mailed Roxio support, which responded: "I wish I can be of help but unfortunately, you can't convert it. If Tivo added DRM to the file it can't be copied. You'd have to bring it up with them. The DRM kicks in when you try to convert it. You can watch it on the computer, yes. But you are NOT allowed to copy it. Thank you for understanding. Should you require further assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions." I decided to try a little test. I renamed a WMV file to "TEST.WMV" and put it in its own folder. I opened Creator and pointed the "copy and convert" function at this folder. Creator accepted this file; it was displayed in the folder. I then exited completely from Creator. I renamed the file TEST.TiVo. I then re-opened Creator and pointed the "copy and convert" function at the folder containing the file. This time, I was given the message about DRM even though, clearly, no file in the folder contained DRM. THis tells me that Creator is using the file's extension to determine that it is a TiVo file, even when it's not really a TiVo file. Further, this means that Creator WILL NOT WORK WITH ANY TIVO FILE, even though both Roxio and Tivo recommend the purchase of Roxio Creator to convert Tivo video to DVD. I called TiVO, who had me check my CableCard settings, and they said all was as it should be. I suggested to them that they cease recommending Roxio Creator to convert TiVo files. It clearly will not work. I will now attempt to return the software. Wish me luck.