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    Help With Capturing Video

    Yes I did......any other ideas?
  2. mgmtmmpd2006

    Help With Capturing Video

    Ogdens, Thank you for the help! Did everything like you said and it is still not working (uninstalled the software/reinstalled it, etc). I'm using the 3 composite cables, hooked everything up like the program says to and video is still not being captured. Any ideas?
  3. mgmtmmpd2006

    Help With Capturing Video

    Odens - I connected my camcorder via the audio/video cable directly to the USB device. I believe that I attached the cables to the camcorder and then plugged it into my computer via the USB. I don't have an S cable at the moment. Does this help? sknis - I will try and re-install the software later this week when I have some free time.
  4. mgmtmmpd2006

    Help With Capturing Video

    Can someone help me? I just bought the 'easy vhs to dvd d plus', installed the software, hooked my sony digital 8 handcam camcorder up to my dell inspiron laptop to start transferring video and it wouldn't work. At first I could hear the sound coming through the software, but that stopped and all that I saw on my computer was a green screen. I tried to record twice and then I tried to go into my computer and find the file to see if there in fact was anything recorded and couldn't locate anything. I would really appreciate any help that I can get with this. I have a ton of old hi-8 video to transfer from when my daughter was little and would love to get started on this......