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    How I Solved My Ps3 No Signal Blues

    um, i already knew that. I bought the component cables to stream. I meant that I WAS using HDMI BUT switched to component to use HD Pro. So, bad catch. And I spoke too soon. It's still not working correctly. And I DID watch the Roxio tutorial. Again, bad catch. I'm just doing the best I can with a user hostile product.
  2. I've been streaming with no problems the past couple of weeks using my PS2, Xbox 360, and Wii (well, with relatively FEW problems since I started using xsplit). Last night I tried for the first time to hook up my GC HD Pro to my PS3 and quickly became frustrated. I didn't realize it was going to be such a hassle until I couldn't even get a picture on my TV. Up until this time, I had been using HDMI for the PS3. After I hooked up the offiicial Sony component cables and changed the display settings I was able to get the picture on my TV. BUT I was still getting no signal from the PS3 in the Roxio Capture program on my laptop. I spent hours messing with it and looking at tutorials on youtube and on these message boards with no success but I got a few ideas but it was like midnight by then. Then I tried something new this morning. I went into the display settings on my PS3, unchecked the 1080p output and checked 1080i instead and the PS3 signal appeared in the Roxio program. Looks like problem is solved. So even though my TV can handle all the outputs of 480, 720, and 1080, Roxio can't decipher 1080p, only i. Hopefully, if you are getting a no signal redline like me, my experience might help you. Good luck.
  3. Did you go to File in the Xsplit Broadcaster window and click on add camera, then Roxio Gamecap HD PRO?
  4. Here is the link to the latest Xsplit update, just released TODAY. https://www.xsplit.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=120&t=17206
  5. So some good news and bad news. In the past couple of days, the workers of Xsplit along (?) with Roxio have made the Game Capture HD Pro compatible with Xsplit. Pretty darn cool huh? The catch? Since Roxio worked so hard to do it, you have to PAY to savor the fruits of their labors. And yes, while im paraphrasing, Xsplit did basically say that. The HD Pro fix is only for Personal and Premium Xsplit (paying) accounts. For the personal account its like $5 a month. Right now they have a deal to get 3 months for $14.95 plus one free month, which is what I signed up for. You basically just link your twitch account, pick HD capture pro as your camera and start streaming just like that! You don't even have to open the capture software anymore. You just go completely through Xsplit. That is pretty awesome in and of itself. There is just so many more options now! I was having a lot of problems adjusting my bit rate and picture stutter and all that kind of stuff with the capture pro software. With Xsplit that is completely gone. I'm pretty excited with the baseline I now have and can tweak from there and test how to make it look better etc. Sadly, the fact that I'm getting so excited about Xsplit reflects pretty poorly on Roxio. Xsplit has constructed the Empire State Building while Roxio is still using Lego to make a minature dog house. The software that came with the HD Capture Pro is complete JUNK. I almost believe that Roxio didn't even try to come out with quality software to support this product and just left the work to Xsplit. So now, in order to get the most out of my money, I will be paying a $5 to Xsplit monthly because Roxio couldn't be troubled to come out with a program even remotely comparable to it.
  6. I just started using the HD Pro card yesterday and I could not find anything in the game capture window that would let me title the livestream. For instance, I was test streaming with the PS2 game Way of the Samurai, but there was no way to title my livestream so viewers on Twitch would know what game I was playing. It would seem like there would be some sort of option so I could title the stream "Way of the Samurai PS2". Does anyone know how to put a title on the livestream?
  7. sesho

    Stream Not Starting On Twitch.tv

    I switched from my laptop to my desktop and seem to be having more success. But what a pain if I'm gonna have to have the HD Pro inputting into my desktop. I don't have all my consoles near it, so I have to limit what I can stream. There's a lot of delay, but I'm still feeling my way thru the process so hopefully, it will improve.
  8. sesho

    Connecting To Twitch Tv Using Roxio

    Twitch TV is basically the gaming channel of Justin TV, so no worries, you're in the right place
  9. sesho

    Stream Not Starting On Twitch.tv

    I just installed the HD Pro today and am having the same problem. It shows up in the capture window fine, but when you go to twitch tv there's nothing there but the channel logo. BUT it did record two of my test videos....even though it did not show them live. As though I captured and then posted them instead of livestreaming.....hmmmm? not good.
  10. sesho

    Program Taking Memory Data

    I just started using the device today and I too am seeing the countdown, almost as though it is not even livestreaming, but instead is saving to the hard drive.