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  1. I am baffled. The support page does not appear to have the complete Toast 11.1 Standard Package, only an update. And the update is rev 1067, with no sign of 1072. Has Roxio rolled back to an earlier support page? I'm deeply annoyed with Toast at the moment. After 'upgrading' from 11.0.4 to 11.1 (and I can't remember how I managed this as the software update link in the application didn't work properly), I found myself unable to use the application for writing DVDs, which is mainly what I use (or rather used) it for. I was getting a mysterious message: Sense key = MEDIUM ERROR / code = 0x73, 0x03. Basically, disks from a manufacturer and box which previously were fine no longer worked with Toast. And every time this problem happened, Toast mangled the DVD. I must have wasted 5 or more before I finally gave up. On advice from Apple, I just burned DVDs directly from the Finder. I've now tracked down my original copy of 11.0.4 and was thinking of rolling back to it. But now I'm about to upgrade to Mountain Lion, and believe that Toast won't be compatible anyway. So I'm wondering where the famous 11.1 (1072) upgrade might be.