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    Creator 2012 Blank Media Not Recognised

    I seem to be not following these Post now? What have I done John
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    Creator 2012 Blank Media Not Recognised

    Thanks Brendon Alas I don't have a spare drive until after the holiday but will certainly take your advice, all seemed well on Sunday when last used this Light-Scribe compatible drive so presumed, #$^@ sill me, all was ok with it Thinking about it tho I m sure I have used it since, will put CD and see what happens, m' me thinks you may be right, put a CD in and it did not read it automatically so right clicked open and all that happened was the door opened nothing showing about the contents! Oh deep joy, will try another drive when I can get down to the shops. In the meantime many man thanks for or help, will certainly let you know how the problem progresses, have a great holiday and all the very best for 2014. Joh
  3. Am trying to copy music files but when inserting blank CD, normal recordable or Light-scribe it does not recognise and asks me to insert Blank Disc, I have tried numerous Blank disks and know they are unused but the error message keeps coming up, tried rolling back to last Friday when I know it did work as copied some tracks without problem but that doesn't work either. Any ideas how I can get Roxio to accept my CD's? PLEASE John
  4. My copy of Roxio Creator 2012 will reinstal onto my PC. Following a fault with the system I had to reinstal Roxio Creator 2012, but after many minutes going from Disc 1 to 2 it fails to reinstall and it uninstalls all except the Content section which remains on the in the Contro Panel under list of programs? I have, I think, forced it to be removed from the list but am unsure if it has been uninstalled. What action do you suggest I take to enable the software to be correctly installed. I have been user of creator for many years and have updated to 2012 and am at a loss to consider what action to take next,,,,, help please John B Newcombe