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    Didnt even think o doing this im stupid....
  2. Hello, I have had my Roxio game capture for about a year now and have not had a problem.... until now. When i went to record some gameplay of Skyrim today there was no in game sound, I clicked options and under audio input i saw it was on stereo mix, as I went to change it back to 'Line ' i saw it wasn't there. I have all my cables pluged into my tv correctly. I was looking at people who had the same problem they were told to make sure they had 'Line in' as the default, after doing this the problem persisted. Can anybody help me (I don't know much about computers please avoid 'Advanced vocabulary') 05/12/12 I have tried to re-install roxio game cap with no luck any other windows apllication can identify line, and the Roxio si the only one that cant.