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    Hello everyone my name is Jesse, a friend of mine and I have just purchased the HDpro and we are having some troubles with it and I was looking for some advise. The whole software seems to lock up both of our PC's. It has locked up mine 3 times and his 1 time. It has locked up my PC once while capturing, once while trying to edit and once while it was just idle, the software was just open(XBOX was on at this time and was at Halo 4 title screen, so did have a little something going on. On his PC it locked up today while he was editing. Once again this is not just the software locking up but entire system lock up, blank screen and humming noise from speakers. I was wondering if anyone has had any problems with this as well and if so what can be done to resolve it. I was wondering if it was possible that our graphics cards were not capable of handling the video portion coming through this software? I have a Dell Inspirion 580, Windows 7 64bit, 8gb RAM(4-2gb cards), Sandybridge i5 processor (3.2ghz@650), on whatever motherboard came with this PC. Now my suspected bottleneck here is my graphics card which is a NVIDIA Geforce 220, very out dated I know. The only thing that I know of my friends PC is that his card is a NVIDIA Geforce 610. Now does this sound like it could possibly be the problem or am I going in the completely wrong direction? I have been thinking of upgrading my card for sometime now to a EVGA gtx650 superclocked and since my 300w 18amp power supply isn't enough going to a Corsair the is at 430w and 32amp(12 volt rail). Though I am not sure what exactly to look for in a power supply, but that is beside the point. Just looking for some help and advise at this point though Thanks