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    Livestreaming Is So Bad

    So i decided to get rid of my hauppauge and bought a roxio hd pro as i thought that it would be nice to play ps3 through hdmi (nice that it doesn't tell you on the packaging that you can't input through hdmi only output) tut tut a bit misleading if you ask me but i thought the live stream feature would make up for that and the HD pro would be a nice thing to use well turns out it's not very good at all.. i have very good internet 100/10mb but when i try to stream its rubbish i have gone through all the q&a's tried various settings and different servers but it all leads to the same thing a low resoulution stream that stutters at various times which in turn leads to a huge delay in the stream i think my biggest issue is that i can't set the video bit rate in the stream option higher than 2250kbps where as when i streamed with xspilt or ffsplit i set it to 3000kbps min... I really don't want to have to get rid of the HD pro but with it being near impossible to stream with the device and im not going to use another program with screen region as what was the point in buying the hd pro in the 1st place i feel i may have to and switch to the elgato and with many of my gaming friends asking me to let them know how it is as they were thinking of getting one for the same reason with no sign of a solution anytime soon im going to have to tell them it's best to look elsewhere.