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    Live Streaming Via Twitch Does Not Work

    I'm having this problem too. It needs to be fixed. I don't get why everytime I try and seek an answer it comes down to "NOT ROXIO'S FAULT DEAL WITH IT" Well, the livestream feature is what made people buy the #$^@ capture card in the first place. It doesn't work.
  2. billybobthorton

    Blank Preview Screen Win 8

    I don't see any of those options. "Run with graphics processor" isn't there when I right click.
  3. billybobthorton

    Purple Preview Screen.

    still having trouble. As I said, it was working fine (even when I had windows 8) then one day, purple screen. Never went away... and I can't get it to work again. NOTHING CHANGED on my computer. I was using it, X'd it out and used it about an hour later and the problem occured.
  4. billybobthorton

    Help Asap Please

    THIS NEEDS TO GET FIXED. I have been having trouble all month.. I have win8 also.
  5. billybobthorton

    Purple Preview Screen.

    idk, apparently there is no aero in windows 8 from what I am gathering
  6. billybobthorton

    Purple Preview Screen.

    I found out that turning on aero is helping a lot of people... maybe I am doing something wrong? As I said, I have windows 8.. i don't know if I am turning it on right.. do you know how? Sorry, I don't really know much about computers and all that stuff
  7. billybobthorton

    Purple Preview Screen.

    I tried that.. still a purple preview screen. Also, I have windows 8.
  8. billybobthorton

    Purple Preview Screen.

    I have no preview screen. I have seen a few threads about this issue.. does nobody know what the cause is? THIS IS FRUSTRATING BECAUSE I CAN'T EVEN USE MY CAPTURE CARD. There is a signal, it's ready to go.. just no preview screen.
  9. billybobthorton

    Purple Screen In Monitor

    yeah I have windows 8 as well. Very frustrating this problem is.
  10. billybobthorton

    Purple Screen.

    still can't get it to show anything but a purple screen... one moment it was fine, the next purple screen that never turned back. Tried uninstalling many times.
  11. billybobthorton

    Purple Screen In Monitor

    i am having the same problem. Component says ready, and everything works.. just the PREVIEW STAYS PURPLE ALL THE TIME.
  12. billybobthorton

    Purple Screen.

    I have been using the Roxio Game Capture HD pro for about two months now... it has been working (always have to re-install) but now for some reason there is a purple screen in the preview screen... when I hit the livestream button the purple screen shows the gameplay, so livestreaming works still. Capturing does too, just I still see a purple screen instead of gameplay. IT IS REALLY ANNOYING that I can't see my preview though since I can't adjust anything now!
  13. billybobthorton

    Video Device Has Been Lost

    Everytime I try capturing or streaming with the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, it says the device has been lost and it stops working... anybody know why? I'm nowhere near the wire to be hitting them or unplugging...