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  1. Hi Brendon, thanks for your response. Although I can select my printer in the Printer Window it still only shows a list of Epson Printers in the Paper Type list, so no solutiion there I'm afraid. Steve
  2. When I design a label in Label Creator and try to Print to Disc I do not see my printer - HP PhotoSmart 309a Series listed amongst the available printers. Is this somthing which Roxio have failed to include or does it rquire some input on my part? I am a relative novice so any assisance would be appreciated. Steve
  3. For weeks now I've been trying to install Creator 2009 Ultimate and one of the solutions I tried - but which didn't work - was to do a "clean" install which involved removing all traces of previous versions from my pc. This caused me to lose the Drag to Disc feature - one of the most useful aspects of Creator 9 I thought and which I had managed to retain even when I installed EMC 10. I now wish to re-install Drag to Disc but no longer have my origianl Creator 9 installation disc and the folk at Roxio tell me I cannot re-download it. Does anyone here have a solution to my problem? Thanks in anticipation. Steve
  4. PlymSteve

    My Own Thread

    Jim, your help on this thread has been immensely useful. However, knowing that EMC10 is currently working on my system does lead me towards leaving things as they are. Better to have something that works than remove it to install something which I'm unsure of and then try to re-install the original which might not work second time around! Shame that such a fantastic piece of software is such a hell to install. I may return to the subject in time but until then I'll stick with what I know works.
  5. PlymSteve

    My Own Thread

    Jim, my apologies for the apparent rant - just a sign of my intense frustration! I have purchased Creator 2009 Ultimate. I am a little unwilling to do a "clean" install - as you rightly say this wopuld leave me with no installation of Roxio and 1) it takes time to re-install Creator 10, 2) I had problems last time I re-installed Creator 10 and would not want it to fail if there were problems. I belive I followed your suggested steps - downloading and running the file but getting a message on completion telling me that there was nothing to fix. If it turns out that there is no straightforward solution to the problem then it seems I shall have to write off the money I've spent - there are better things to do in life than fiddle with software that should not be the way it is. Steve
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    My Own Thread

    Jim, I did read the post you pinned and I downloaded the file to fix the "corrupt registry" problem. Running that file returned a message which said there was nothing to be done as I had a valid installation. Your suggestion did not therefore work - I trust you have other ideas which will fix the problem, although judging by the comments of others I shall be pleasantly surprised. If a program is so difficult to install can it be regarded as unfit for purpose? Does that therefore give me a legal right to a refund and compensation for all the tiem I've spent trying just to install? As I recall I have had problems installing just about every version of Roxio I've had and I@m certainly not uninstalling EMC10 until I've got Creator 2009 Ultimate up and running - if that ever happens
  7. PlymSteve

    My Own Thread

    I'm having the same problem. I've spent around 2 weeks now trying to install Creator 2009 Ultimate but without success. As soon as the installation process reaches the point where Content is to be installed an error message appears suggesting that EMC 10 Content needs to be installed first and the whole process rolls back! I am attempting to install Creator 2009 alongside EMC 10 so Content from EMC 10 should already be present. Does this happen to people who have purchased Creator 2009 and do not have EMC 10 on their system at all? I'm hoping someone has an answer to this problem - otherwise can someone suggest how I get Roxio to refund the 70 pound sterling I shelled out for this? Steve
  8. Since purchasing EMC 9 I have had nothing but problems! My first attempt at finding a solution resulted in me eventually applying the patch which enabled the cd key to be recognised. However, the installation requested me to insert a further cd but did not specify which and did not recognise any disc I did insert! There are currently 2 open support tickets which remain unanswered and I am beginning to believe I may never get EMC 9 to install. If this remains the case much longer I shall be asking for a ful lrefind so that I can go and purchase something else - although I am a long time user of Roxio products. I seem to have been able to re-install EMC 8 - although that was a struggle - but I'm not even sure that is functioning as it should. If someone from Roxio Support reads this please respond urgently.