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  1. I have run this on a 3.1gig dual core AMD processor with 8 gig of ram and dual d/l dvd burners under XP pro SP2 64 bit enviroment for 4 years with no problems. My mother board and processor crashed after 6 years and I had to replace both. I upgraded to a 4.2 gig quad core AMD processor 16 gig of ram with same DVD drives and XP Pro SP2 64bit. with a new 500 gig hard drive. After installing all software and reinstalling EMC10 suite when I try to open anything in it, It is trying to go home to moma but she does not exist. I have gone through the registry and found the url it is trying to connect to and entered it in the bar and tried to hit it but get the reply website not available. No matter what part I try to open in EMC 10 suite it is trying to go home to verify. It is a registered product. I have no problems with modifing the registry to fix this if some one can tell me where it is located. Does any one know of a fix and where i can point it to to get it to allow me to run it. I have no intentions of upgrading to another Roxio product if I can not get this fixed. I worked great until my system crashed
  2. Brendon I fully aggree but after the instalation when i try to open any one of the items such as Creator classic it wants to go home and talk to moma who from what I can tell no longer exists I am looking for some one who can tell me where in the registry i can make the changes to eliminate this issue and still be able to run the program. I have had this program for 4 years and bought it when I purchased my laptop. If I can not get this issue fixed then I will look for something else but it definitely will not be a corel, roxio or pinnacle software package. I only need for this to say "okay I am good to run" as there are no other issues. I have gone through the registry and found the URL it is looking for and tried to go there but from what I see it no longer exists. Thanks Stephen
  3. I have Easy Media Creator 10 suite and have been running it on Win Xp pro 64 bit with a 3.1gig Dual core processor and 8 gig of ram for about 5 years with no problems. Recently my Motherboard died and had to replace it and upgraded to a 4.2 gig Quad core with 16 gig of ram with same operating sys but now after the instal I get no internet connection available when try to register it even though I can go to roxio's web site with it up. When I log into the web site to my roxio account it shows it is registered. Is there some way to fix this.