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    Xsplit And Roxio Streaming In Hd

    Hey guys whats up? I have a question about Xsplit and Roxio Pro HD. I know you're like not another Xsplit and Roxio compatibility issue,nope not at all.Well not actually, just wondering how i can get Xsplit to record in better quality using my Roxio pro HD. I have set all my settings in Xsplit to 720p(which is the res i want). I have set the VBV buffer and max to 3000kbps and quality to 8. I still get really grainy looking quality when im streaming to twitch.tv. If anyone knows what im talking about or knows how to fix this let me know and thanks. I also have set all roxio options to 720p and maxed the quality slider. Im streaming Xbox 360 and not PC. My connection is 25d/10u/mbps on speedtest. Edit:noone can help me?
  2. Deathbringerrr

    Capturing Seems To Pause At 4 Seconds

    yes actually i had the same problem. Thank you Apollus for this info cause it fixed my problem. I thought having it on the second monitor would be convenient,but low and behold it wasnt. I hope they fix this issue!