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    Preview Screen Goes Blank

    The graphics card in both windows 7 machine and windows 8 machine is an intel hd graphics card, windows 7 it seems to not affect the roxio software, but inwindows 8 it does. In windows 8 simply open device manager and disable the graphics card and the roxio software works without issues, when you finish capturing simply reenable the graphics card.
  2. iHacksRepo Gaming

    Preview Screen Goes Blank

    Never mind looks like I have found the issue, itsthe intel hd graphics driver, as soon asI disable this is works finein windows 8
  3. iHacksRepo Gaming

    Preview Screen Goes Blank

    when i say reinstall the whole system imean restore windows 8 as inas if i just bought the system. Specs are the exact same for both apart from one is running windows 8 other is running windows 7 windows 7 has no issues at all, I can capture and the preview screen shows what its ment to, but on windows 8 after a period of time the preview screen shows console but then goes blank and cant get it to show the preview again without restoring the whole windows 8 system
  4. iHacksRepo Gaming

    Preview Screen Goes Blank

    Hey guys am new here and have a little issue. I was using the Game Capture HD Pro without any issues, then all of a sudden I get a BLANK preview screen ( game sound can still be heard ) if i click live streaming it will actually show what my console is doing, but if I click capture the preview screen stays blank but when i stop capture it has actually captured what I was doing on the console, now this I can deal with, its more of a pain as I like to be able to see what I am capturing via the preview screen. I have done a few tests. Uninstalling/rebooting/reinstalling/rebooting doesnt solve the issue. Reinstalling the whole computer solves the issue for a period of time. This only happens on my windows 8 system, on my windows 7 system it works without any issues, andnever get this blank screen. All drivers and windows updates etc are all upto date. I have the newest update of the roxio software installed aswell. Any ideas?