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  1. When I combine several mpg-2 video segments that includes audio music the new combined file's audio skipping. The individual segments all sound perfect but the final combined file audio quality is degraded. I've shutoff my virus protection but it appears when combining the mpg-2 segments the compiler downgrades the audio quality?
  2. Digital Guru, thank you for all the suggestions. I shutoff the virusscan file protection features and that significantly improved my presentation load and save times.
  3. I too am disappointed I've been using this product for a decade now and beside the fact that it hasn't seen much measurable change over the years I'm very disappointed that 2012 does not run much better on my 8 core AMD with 16 GB of RAM with descent video adapters. It seems to crawl whenever I load or save presentations many times for several minutes 5+. I don't see any excessive CPU utilization and the IO seems normal I've also got a SSD drive where all the proxy files are stored. This product should scream on my hardware? :-(
  4. jpgeek

    How do I start Disc Copier directly

    I was trying to understand this same thing and came up with the following command. "F:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio Creator 2009\Roxio Central 4\RoxioCentralFx.exe" "%1" Apparently when you pass the file into central, in my case an .iso file, it knows to launch the image to disk menu item.