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    Yet Another Activation Problem...

    Had same problem, I think Corel has made it impossible to activate any "LEGACY" software, they want you to buy new - screw them, I will never buy their ^#!& again
  2. gatewood

    Creator 9 Won't Activate

    I suspect that when Roxio was bought by Corel, all the keys were dumped in a method to force you o buy new software. I used Creator 9 for years, I had to replace my HD and that's when the trouble started. Each time I bring up DVD Copier,it tries to authorize by going on line then comes back with a message "invalid Key". I have a Corel account and its a registered product but the key they show is nothing like the key on the CD shuck. Went a different method and tried off line registration,the site they gave me said that the key had to be 25 characters long and the key on the CD shuck is only 20. These people are dishonest and can kiss my a**. I think Corel is in Ontario Canada so they don't care evidently how many people they *^$$ off. They have lost a loyal customer because I will not buy a Corel or Roxio product agai