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  1. No, my ECM-version has no sound editor. I'll have a look at "wavmerge" ; could be interesting, but I'm afraid that the process will be a bit too long if you have to apply it for every track! Vaes
  2. Thanks for your permanent interest in my problem. I believe I have always installed the Vista service packs and updates. WHat do you mean with "the settings on my Windows font" ?? However...... Don't blame my ECM9 too much!! I must admit the I am working with this ECM9 since some years and already burned hundreds of cd's and dvd's with succes! Only the gaps are sometimes a problem, but not always. e.g when I burn a number of tracks which follow each other on the original cd, there is automatically a gap between ; in other occasions some songs end with a short silence giving the effect of a gap. Of course, finding a definite solution would be better...! Vaes
  3. Guru, on clicking on a piece of music, it slightly changes colour and the track starst to play and is repeated at the bottom. I have Windows Vista business 2007. Vaes
  4. Thanks for the replies! Once I have gathered a number of songs ready to be burned in audio, on my basis version v9 I cannot click an editor to change whatsoever. There exists indeed a column where is indicated "pre-gap" : automatically 2 for teh first song and o for all the others - see my annexed document. My question : can I change all those 0 's in 2's e.g. ?? Vaes
  5. WIth Easy Media Creator 9 basic, mij audio-cds have NO GAPS (no delays) between the different tracks. I would like one or two seconds between the tracks. How can I do that ?? Thanks for a reply! Vaes