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    Lost Serial Key

  2. Ross Duclos

    Lost Serial Key

    Hi, I have got the disk for my roxio game capture HD PRO and I want to reinstall it on my new computer but I have thrown away the disc case with serial key on it. Is there anyway of getting this key send to me again or not!? Thanks in advance
  3. Ross Duclos

    Console Gameplay Won't Display On Screen

    Hi, I have had the roxio game capture hd pro for nearly 2 months now. It has been working fine other than a few minor problems. Basically every time I turn it on, it takes some fiddling around with to get working because the console won't display onto my screen. So I go to turn it on today. Same problem but I can't resolve it today. Anyway got any suggestions. Can't find anyone else posting this problem so though I would start a topic.
  4. Ross Duclos

    Rendering Problems

    Hi, My roxio game cap hd pro which I got on friday. Wont render. I have rendered about 5-6 videos so far and now it wont even render 1 frame. It just sits there and does nothing. What should I do? :/